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Math Logic and Foundations Computability

Church-Turing Thesis

Discusses the thesis by Church and Turing, concerning the notion of an effective or mechanical method in logic and mathematics.

Computability and Complexity in Analysis Network

Provides information for researchers. Includes list of members, mailing list, bibliography, and links to related conferences, workshops and publications.

Computability Logic Homepage

Includes definition of Computability Logic, potential applications, papers, abstracts and related links.

Hypercomputation Research Network

Explanatory materials including the AlanTuring.Net Hypercomputation Page and the confusion of Thesis M with the Church-Turing thesis.

Problem Solving Environments

Includes information on PSEs, reading list, conferences, projects and applications tools, Purdue publications, and other related information.

Theodore Slaman Homepage

Includes bibliography, lectures available in pdf, courses and related links.

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