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Math History

Ancient Maths Recovered

Article describing the recovery of mathematical works that have been lost for two thousand years. Also available in pdf.

Art of Renaissance Science

Discusses the role of Galileo's new science in the works of renaissance artists and architects.

Babylonian Mathematics

Article by J. J. O'Connor and E. F. Robertson. Includes discussion of Babylonian numerals, Pythagora's theorem in Babylonian mathematics, and a history of zero.

British Society for the History of Mathematics

Established to promote research into the history of mathematics. Includes extensive resources and links, with details of membership, publications, and activities.

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics

With information on publications and upcoming meetings. Publisher of two official journals, Historia Mathematica and Philosophia Mathematica.

Euclid and His Heritage

Conference on the life and work of Leonhard Euler during the 1770s and 1780s.

Galois Translation Project (GTP)

Supplying a platform for translations of texts related to and from Evariste Galois into English, German, Italian or Spanish.

Glimpses of History

The history of maths in verse by Martin Huxley of the University of Cardiff.

Green Lion Press

Providing access to the original source texts in the history of science and history of mathematics.

History and Overview

A collection of articles on the history of mathematics from ArXiv available in postscript and pdf. Abstracts also available.

History of Mathematics

Brief overview of the history of mathematics, by David E. Joyce.

History of Mechanical Calculators

Offers a range of articles, resources, and links covering the history of calculators, from the abacus through to the solid state electronic calculators that appeared during the 1960s.

The Mathematical Problems of David Hilbert

A collection of material and resources related to Hilbert's influential address of 1900 to the International Congress of Mathematicians in Paris, in which he outlined 23 major mathematical problems to be studied in the coming century.

The Museum of HP Calculators

A virtual museum that displays and describes Hewlett-Packard calculators introduced from 1968 to 1986. Includes articles, forums, and information for collectors.

The Oughtred Society

Dedicated to the preservation and history of slide rules and other calculating instruments. Includes details of membership, activities, and publications, with resources on the use of slide rules.

Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America

A special interest group that aims to promote research in the history of mathematics and support the use of history in the teaching of mathematics.

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