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Geometry Sculpture and Art

Art, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture

Various activities on computer graphics, art, math, geometry, and abstract sculpture.

Geometric Sculpture

Features the works of George W. Hart. Focus is on constructive geometric forms.

Geometry Gallery

Collection of different geometric forms. Maintained by Vedder Wright.

Features geometrical objects, including polyhedra, domes, tensegrities, towers, pyramids and helices.

Islamic and Geometric Art

Features various designs, with additional information. Includes biography of the artist and shop to purchase some of the artistb.

Kenneth Snelson Gallery

Sculptures using the concept of tensegrity.

Math Art Gallery

Includes singularity knots, singularity knot animations, pictures generated by vort, and a few 3D fractals.

Objects That Cannot Be Taken Apart with Two Hands

Construction based on the symmetries of a dodecahedron. Includes pictorial description of the theorem and other researchers' constructions.

Richard Hawkins' Digital Archive

Synergetic geometry images and animations. Also includes link to New Civilization Network.

Sculpture Designs and Math Models

Features the works by Carlos H. Sequin.

Tips & Tricks to Gothic Geometry

Ebook by Joe Chiffriller. Includes 30 pages of diagrams, full-color photos, step-by-step instructions, and dozens of links to further resources on the Web. Available in pdf format.

Tom Lechner's Sculptures

Collection of artworks, some available for sale. Includes links to drawings, prints, murals and Consumption.

World of Escher

Explores the works of M.C. Escher. Provides insights and products to promote the Escher's works.

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