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Polyhedra Geometry

  • Alexander's Polyhedra

    Collection of virtual reality polyhedra. By Alex Doskey.

  • Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter

    Specialized in geometry, particularly on polytopes, non-euclidean geometry, group theory and combinatorics.

  • Juno's World

    Includes puzzles, gallery of polyhedra and a collection of VRML models.

  • Mathematical Models

    Offers a set of models for purchase. Models made of solid aluminum, precision die-cast, and available in four different painted colors.

  • Mathematician's Portrait: Professor Emeritus H.S.M. Coxeter

    Biography courtesy of the Mathematics Survival Guide, published by the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto.

  • Multiple-Unit Dodecahedral Constructions

    By Stephan Werbeck. Features images and VRML models.

  • Paper Models of Polyhedra

    With over eighty paper models available for free.

  • Pavilion of Polyhedreality

    Practical polyhedra constructions by George W. Hart.

  • The Platonic Solids by Peter Alfeld

    Provides general explanation, with java applets for illustration.

  • Platonic Spheres

    Presents a systematic approach to generating the Platonic bodies and discusses the symmetry of the Platonic spheres.

  • Polyedergarten

    Collection of constructions and VRML models. Also available in German or French versions.

  • Polyhedra by Bob

    Describes the Platonic Solids, Archimedian Solids and Catalan Solids. With download links to Poly, a dos program to study the truncations and transformations of the Platonic Solids.

  • Polyhedra Database

    Solids include the regular polyhedra, Archimedean, some prisms and anti-prisms, Archimedean duals, the Johnson solids (all convex polyhedra with regular faces) and some weird solids.

  • Stellated Icosahedra

    Excerpt of an article published in Mathematica in Education, discussing 59 stellations of the icosahedron.

  • Superliminal Geometry Page

    Includes regular polyhedra, infinite polyhedra, flexible polyhedra, and hyperbolic tessellations. With images and links to 3D images and Tyler applets.

  • Uniform Polyhedra

    Provides an excerpt of Chapter 9 of R. Maeder's book, The Mathematica Programmer II. With images and animation of 80 polyhedra.

  • Virtual Polyhedra

    Provides a collection of thousands of virtual reality polyhedra. Serves as a free self-contained tutorial, reference work, and object library for people interested in polyhedra.

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