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A geometric expression, a polychora is a four-dimensional polytope or 4-polytope, and is a connected and closed figure composed of lower dimensional polytopal elements. This category contains sites with descriptions and/or theory regarding polytopes of 4 or more dimensions.
  • A4 - Polychora Zome Models

    Provides instructions and photos on making Zome models of various polychora.

  • Mark Newbold's Java Stuff

    Collection includes Waterman Polyhedra, Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer, Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion, Animated Necker Cube, among others.

  • Uniform Polychora

    Site offers information about related research, details Polychoron categories, and includes diagrams of various types.

  • Uniform polychoron

    References and extensive diagrams and tables on Polychoron types provided by Absolute Astronomy.

  • Wolfram Mathworld: Polychoron

    Math offered in support of theory surrounding both Regular and Uniform Polychoron.

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