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Geometry Important Historical People

Apollonius of Perga (ca. 262 BC-190BC)

Author of Conics, which introduced terms such as parabola, ellipse and hyperbola.

Desargues, Girard (1591-1661)

Article by J.V. Field.

Heron of Alexandria (ca. 75 AD)

From Eric W. Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography.

Klein, Felix (1849-1925)

Feature on German mathematician who began his career as Plcker's assistant at Bonn.

Monge, Gaspard (1746-1818)

Article by J J O'Connor and E F Robertson.

Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard (1826-1866)

Includes biography, fields of study, and major contributions to geometry.

Steiner, Jakob (1796-1863)

Major contributor to projective geometry. Discovered the Steiner surface which has a double infinity of conic sections on it.

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