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Chaos and Fractals

3D Fractals Bicomplex Dynamics

Includes links to articles, gallery and manuscripts.


Images of the Mandelbrot set, produced by Drawing Librarian Professional (DP).

Chaos Hypertextbook

Mathematical experiments, strange and complex sets, dimension defined, and measuremets.

Chaos, Fractals, and Arcadia

Animated description of some of the mathematical ideas lurking in the background of Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia.


Guide to the concepts, terminology, and key figures of modern dynamics.

Dynamical Systems and Technology Project

National Science Foundation sponsored project designed to help secondary school and college teachers of mathematics bring contemporary topics in mathematics such as chaos, fractals and dynamics into the classroom, and to show them how to use technology effectively in this process.

Economics, Chaos, Fractals And Attractors

Combining dynamic systems in everyday life, especially from an economical point of view.

Fractal Brownian Archipelago

Modeling the shape of coastline through Brownian motion. Written by Erick Rauch.

Fractal Dimensions

Math lesson written by Cynthia Lanius, for the easy understanding of fractals.

The Fractal Foundation

Seeks to educate and inspire people about mathematics, art, science, chaos theory and nature.

Fractals by Vicky

Fractal images by Vicky Brago-Mitchell. Free wallpaper for computer desktops, with prints and posters available.

IFS Attractors

Includes definitions, history since 2001, and techniques for designing IFS.

Images From Chaos

Presents different images of chaotic, complex and critical systems.

Introduction to Lacunarity

By Eric Rauch. Provides brief introduction, links and other papers on the topic.

Iterations and the Mandelbrot Set

Demonstration of how the iterations behave starting inside and outside Mandelbrot set. Article by Alexander Bogoholny.

Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer

Various graphic images and links to fractal and other mathematical methods of imaging.

Kleinian Groups Pictures

Links to programs, images, artworks, and discussions.

Kristian Gustavsson

Includes fractal images and animations done with FracZoom, and programs available for download.

Mandelbrot and Julia Sets Anatomy

Discussion on different sets and attractors. With illustrations.

Mandelbrot Fractals Generator

Program that allows everyone to explore fractals. Includes links to fractal screen savers and fractal art.

Mathematical Figures Using Mathematica

Fractals and combinatorics diagrams created using Mathematica. By Robert M. Dickau.

Modular Group and Fractals

Exposition of the relationship between fractals, the Riemann Zeta, the Modular Group Gamma, the Farey Fractions and the Minkowski Question Mark. With link to Linas' Mathematical Art Gallery.

Newton Basins

Discussion on Newton's method, Newton Basin generation and the technical details involved.

Quantum Jumps, EEQT and the Five Platonic Fractals

Shows that symmetric configurations of fuzzy spin direction detectors generate, through quantum jumps, IFS fractals on the sphere.

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences

International forum bringing together researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners interested in applying dynamical systems theory, neural nets, and related forms of chaos.


Provides articles and illustrations on chaos and fractals. By John Holder.

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