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Coding Theory Tables

Bounds on the Minimum Distance of Linear Codes

Provides minimum distance of linear codes, location, and contact details.

Check or Generator Matrices of Some Linear Codes

Generator matrices of some linear codes, contact details, and related links.

Constant Weight Binary Codes

Shows keywords, table of lower bounds, and contact information.

Covering Codes

Features lower and upper bound covering codes, and contact details.

Database on Binary Quasi-Cyclic Codes

List of binary quasi-cyclic codes, encyclopedia of sparse graph codes, and table of nonlinear binary codes.

Dense Sphere Packings from New Codes

Features dense sphere packings from new codes, abstract, and contact information.

Isometry Classes of Codes

Shows publications, pages in construction, related links, and contact details.

Lower Bounds and Encoding Circuits for Weakly Self-dual CSS Codes

Highlights codes up to length 32 encoding up to 30 qubits. With notes and contact details.

Nonlinear Binary Codes

Presents memo to algorithms specialists, format of table, notes, and table of contents.

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