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Algebra Category Theory Research Groups

(Australia) University of Sydney - Catacomb

Presents a recent branch of mathematics originating in algebraic topology. Includes research areas and publications.

(Canada) Atlantic Category Theory Seminar - ATCAT

Information about the participants, a list of talks, and the seminars.

(Canada) Category Theory Research Center Montréal

Information about the seminars scheduled in 2006-2007, the accommodations, and contact details.

(Canada) McGill University

Contains information about the list of current seminars and upcoming events. With information about the authors and a list of categories.

(Canada) Mt Allison University

Goal includes to widen the variety of platforms for computing with mathematical categories and associated algebraic structures. Includes information about the software developed at Mount Allison.

(Germany) University of Bremen

Information about the seminars held, guests' information, and related links.

(Portugal) University of Coimbra

Information about the members, seminars, reports, and related links. With addresses and events.

(UK) University of Leicester

Makes available programs for translating their input and output files to the formats of the other groups. Includes developments and information.

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