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  • A Catalogue of Lattices

    A database project by Gabriele Nebe of the University of Ulm and Neil J. A. Sloane of AT&T Labs-Research.

  • Abstract Algebra

    Information about the draft lecture notes for course 311, which have four parts. With the author’s contact information for comments from the users.

  • Abstract Algebra Online

    Includes definitions and theorems aimed at helping students at the junior and senior level in Abstract Algebra. Based on the books Abstract Algebra, by John A. Beachy and William D. Blair, and Abstract Algebra II, by John A. Beachy.

  • Algebra Problem of the Week.

    Provides updated algebra problems, as well as archived problems, and links to additional math resources.

  • Andrew Baker: Lecture notes

    Provides links to course notes, available in pdf. May also be available in dvi and ps.

  • Catalogue of Algebraic Systems

    Provides links to various topics, including groupoids, groups, loops, monoids, near-rings, quasigroups, rings and semi-groups. Also includes additional links to other web pages on the subject.

  • Center for Commutative Algebra

    Includes conference announcements, news and links to people in the Commalg community.

  • Cohomology of Modules Over the Mod 2 Steenrod Algebra

    Presents Ext(M,F_2) for a number of modules. Two variants are presented.

  • Course 311 Abstract Algebra

    Collection of lecture notes from the course taught at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, AY 2001-2002. Course includes Number Theory, Group Theory and Galois Theory. Files are available in dvi, pdf and postscript.

  • Dave's Short Course on Complex Numbers

    An introduction designed for a general audience. Includes history and mathematics as well as the necessary background in ordinary real numbers and algebra.

  • Intro to Abstract Algebra 5245-46

    Includes links to Paul Garrett's notes for the course and quiz solutions. Files available in pdf.

  • Purplemath

    Quiz and homework solutions, announcements, syllabi, and other course-specific materials for math students.

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