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The Bag Bed

Introduces a creative way to recycle plastic bags. Provides information on procedures, tips, and ideas.


Provides a way for people to buy and sell cardboard boxes.

My Boneyard

Offers recycling of electronic items such as computers, cell phones, and cameras.

Paper, Plastic, or Feces?

The change from plastic and paper to reusable bags comes with some unwanted bacteria. This portal sites articles and studies which show that reusing plastic bags may cause food poisoning.

Reconnect Partnership

Dell and Goodwill Industries accept used computer equipment donations. Includes accepted items list and drop-off locations.


Recycling program that takes used wine corks and creates either more corks, or other cork products.

Recycle City

Informative presentation on waste disposal and recycling. Includes games, graphics, and activities.

Recycle Zone

Reducing, reusing, and recycling website for schools, children, and teachers. Features games and online activities, teaching resources, and informative presentations.

Recycler's World

Ads-posting website devoted to promoting the trade or exchange of scrap and waste materials.

Recycling Numbers

Provides consumer information about the numbers used in recycling and conservation efforts.

Roscoe's Recycle Room

Features recycling-related games, fact lists, and educational activities.

Scrap Tire News

Source for updates and new information about the scrap tire and rubber recycling industry.

Temarry Recycling

First licensed company in the United States to be able to recycle for reuse both Mexican and American hazardous waste.

Serves as an online landfill alternative. Enables businesses and individuals to list excess inventory, reusable possessions, or goods for donation.

Encourages reuse and recycling, and minimizing the negative environmental aspects of disposal.

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