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Environmental Research Institutes

Aspen Global Change Institute

Specializes in understanding the earth systems through educational programs and interdisciplinary science meetings on global environmental change.

Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education

Private research and educational facility lists conservation and educational programs, research, internships, FAQs, and gallery.

Bjerknes Center for Climate Research

Features a climate research venture that implements interdisciplinary research for the studies of high latitude climate change.

Center for Development Research

Strives to generate solutions in resolving various global development issues.

The Center for Ecosystem Survival

Preserves the ecosystems and species by purchasing threatened rainforest and coral reef habitats.

Center for Energy and Environmental Resources

Implements economical use of energy and ensure a cleaner environment by working with industry processes and technologies.

Center for Environmental Protection

Provides education and climate-related research aimed to solve problems on natural systems and changing environmental conditions.

Centers for Health Research

Specializes in determining the impact of exposure to chemicals and other substances to human health.

Desert Research Institute

Nonprofit research campus focuses on solving environmental problems and developing resources.

Earth Island Institute

Supports projects for the preservation and restoration of the global environment.

Earth Share of Missouri

Focuses on supporting environmental groups through charitable programs.

Ecology Action Center

Provides projects that focus on various environmental issues such as composting, recycling, and energy conservation.

Environmental Institute of Houston

Strives to address issues of environmental concern, which includes failure of food supplies and depletion of natural resources.

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory

Provides access to various scientific consultants in the fields of physical, chemical, biological, and computational sciences.

Environmental Science Institute

Highlights this interdisciplinary program that promotes better understanding on the complex interactions of the biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere.

Environmental Sciences

Aims to provide a holistic approach in teaching and research for the study of natural and human environments.

Environmental Sciences Division

Highlights an organization that fosters environmental research as one way to sustain the earth’s natural resources.

Environmental Support Center

Aims to assist grassroots environmental groups for the purpose of sustaining advocacy and organizational development.

Environmental Working Group

Highlights environmental investigation and research. Provides practical information in protecting families and community.

Harmony Institute

Presents a non-charitable organization that offers programs for animals and horticulture therapies.

Hydrologic Engineering Center

Strives to provide technical methods and special projects designed for the armed forces.

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Specializes in conducting research regarding the effects of environmental agents on human health.

International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences

Multi-disciplinary research center finds solutions on environmental and developmental problems.

International Union of Forestry Research Organizations

Fosters global unity in terms of forest-related research and propagates scientific knowledge to decision-makers and stakeholders.

Lloyd Center for the Environment

Facilitates the preservation of natural resources by inspiring citizens in making wise environmental choices.

Maine Environmental Policy Institute

Nonprofit organization emphasizes the importance of healthy ecosystems to families and communities.

Marine Biological Laboratory

Specializes on research and education in biological sciences and environment.

National Center for Environmental Health

Aims to improve the health of the American people by coordinating a national program.

Natural Resources Institute

Highlights a multi-disciplinary center for consultancy and education with regards to the management of natural and human resources.

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Promotes energy conservation technology. Includes details on activities, events list, and links to related sources.

Organization of Biological Field Stations

Displays news, details on activities, gallery of photos, and other related facts about the organization.

Pacific Institute

Provides independent research on the natural world, sustainable development, and global security.

Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth

Focuses on the advancement of environmental technologies by working with the government and private sectors.

Resources for the Future

Independent institute focuses on analyzing the environment, energy, and natural resources.

Rocky Mountain Institute

Entrepreneurial nonprofit organization fosters efficient and restorative use of resources.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Aims to aid the public with regards to facing environmental challenges through education and outreach programs.

Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce

Highlights a research center that conducts comparative studies on Florida’s ecosystems and marine biodiversity.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Focuses on understanding biological diversity by providing long-term ecological studies in the tropics.

Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research

Provides an overview about the organization along with news, events list, and links to related sources.

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office

Allows access to data on adaptation strategies, climate change research, and global change-related educational resources.

University of California Energy Institute

Focuses on the dissemination of energy issues through conferences, extension services, and public lectures.

Woods Hole Research Center

Provides information on the environmental advocate. Includes objectives, research initiatives, programs, facilities, publications and more.

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