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Animal Info

Compiles list of species common names grouped by category. Comes with an overview on the animal’s history and biography.

Biodiversity and Protected Areas

World Resources Institute offers information on key issues, news releases, publications, maps, and searchable database.

Biodiversity Economics Library

World Conservation Union provides information on events, publications, and conferences.

Biodiversity FAQ

Compiles questions related to biodiversity. With news, contact information, and links to related sources.

Biodiversity II

Contains conclusions and data relating to biodiversity crisis. Contains press releases and list of related sources.

Biodiversity Project

Group offers details of history, programs, resources, links, and publications.

Biodiversity Web

Clearing-house for information about all dimensions of the diversity of planet earth, including history and ecological background.

Canadian Biodiversity

Presented by The Redpath Museum of McGill University.

Convention on Biological Diversity

Offering details of the annual conference, press releases, and latest news.

Fauna and Flora International

Aims to prevent the loss of biodiversity without comprising human needs. With news and membership details.

Global Issues: Biodiversity

Looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related. globalissuesorg

Gateway to Federal and State invasive species activities and programs.

Mass Extinction Underway

Provides an overview about the possibility that half of all species on earth will be extinct as a result of pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction.

National Biodiversity Network

Network of conservation educational resources.

Omics Publishing Group

An unrestricted central open access resource on biodiversity and sustainable energy development for scientists and researchers, which publishes and disseminates research articles to the global community free of cost, and organizes international conferences. OMICSGroup

Rainforest Animals

Presents a listing of fauna found in this type of ecosystem. With pictures and descriptions.

The Sixth Extinction

The current extinction or biodiversity crisis is studied at this Dutch portal.

Species 2000

Indexing the world's known species.

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