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Air Quality Equipment and Supplies

Advanced Air Technologies, Inc.

Develops and manufactures equipment for air pollution control.

Advanced Environmental Systems

Features application details on products for air quality needs.

Air Scrubber HQ

Provides information and buying guides for commercial air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, ozone generators and other professional grade IAQ, restoration and remediation equipment.

Air Systems

Information about the company and its line of air systems products.

Aircon Corporation

Generates dust control and pneumatic conveying systems situated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Airex Industries

Specializes on the development of quality commercial and industrial dust collection, filtration, and clean air equipment.

Air-Test Incorporated

Offers testing and certification services for clean rooms, biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, and all laminar flow equipment.


Offers design, engineering, equipment, and installation of vapor phase carbon adsorption systems.

American Air Filter International

Displays roughing filters, air pollution control, gas containment removal, and highest efficiency filters used in stringent clean environments.


Presents news, product descriptions, details on services, and an overview about the company.

Atea Environmental Technology

Focuses in the design, consultancy, and construction of environmental treatment systems.

Baghouse Parts and Services

Serves as resource page for anyone working with air pollution control equipment.

The Baghouse Services

Highlights this air pollution control equipment designed through dust capturing or filtering process.

Beckert and Hiester Inc.

Provides an overview about the company along with details on services, tour projects, and contact information.


Contains the company’s profile, product reviews, details on services, and contact information.

Beltran Associates

Presents an overview about the company along with details on equipment applications, product reviews, and contact information.

Bionomic Industries

Specializes in developing products that help resolve air and water pollution problems.

Bohn Biofilter Corporation

Aims to improve the quality of life by generating products that is both environmentally responsible and a smart business decision as well.

Boldeco Environment

Presents the company’s profile, details on project solutions offered, technical services, and product reviews.

C and W Manufacturing and Sales Co.

Focuses on providing environmental equipment. Includes details on services, news, and events.

Catalytic Products International

Offers a line of thermal treatment technologies, catalyst products, pre-filter systems, heat recovery and energy conservation systems, all backed by highly trained maintenance and service staff.

Ceilcote Air Pollution

Presents a company that focuses on solving existing pollution issues. Includes news and product reviews.

Clean Air America, Inc.

Specializes in generating industrial air cleaning and dust management systems. With press releases and product reviews.

Clean and Efficient Combustion

Provides air pollution control technologies for the transportation and power generation industries.

The CMM Group, LLC

Compiles company news, product reviews, details on services, and contact information.

Combustion Controls Solutions and Environmental Services, Inc.

Overview on the company along with details on field services and contact information.

Critical Environment Technologies

Develops gas detection tools for a broad range of hazardous gas and indoor quality applications.

CTP Air Pollution Control

Develops industrial solutions and test materials for catalyst, heat exchangers, and adsorption.

DG Environmental Ltd.

Highlights an engineering company that specializes in generating dust extraction, fume, and air pollution systems.

Diversified Equipment of the Carolinas, Inc.

Specializes in providing solutions for industrial air cleaning equipment across North and South Carolina.

Duall Division

Manufactures air and water quality control systems for handling corrosive fumes, odors, and toxic gas.

Ducon Technologies Inc.

Generates equipment and technologies for measuring and controlling greenhouse gases, atmospheric emissions, and related systems.

Dust Collection Vacuum Systems

Develops industrial dust collection equipment and vacuum systems. With product descriptions and contact details.

Dust Control Technology

Focuses on providing solutions for construction, demolition, steel, and slag industries to various clients across United States.


Focuses on nanophase chemistry and catalysis for controlling air emissions and enhances quality of life.

Enviro-Equipment, Inc.

Provides products and equipment for detecting air, water, and soil contamination.

Environmental Data Interactive Exchange

Serves as resource page for tracking environmental stories for researchers and professionals.

Environodour Australia Pty Ltd.

Strives to identify and solve odor problems by designing sampling and testing devices.

Epcon Industrial Systems

Aims to protect the environment through technology. Includes news and product descriptions.


Specializes in developing dust and fume extraction systems. With product reviews and contact information.

Falmouth Products

Focuses on gas treatment from soil vapor extraction systems. Includes list of product and contact information.

Filter Designs

Provides an overview about the company along with news, product descriptions, details on services, and projects.

Filter Pro

Specializes in cleaning and reconditioning dirty filters. With product descriptions and details on services.

Fisher-Klosterman, Inc.

Manufactures equipment for dust collection, product recovery, and air pollution control.


Presents this supplier of dust collection systems for product recovery and air pollution control.

Fortress Designs

Offers solutions to resolve indoor air quality problems and in addressing dust control needs as well.

FSX Inc.

Strives to generate decentralizes solutions for removing oily weld smoke, fumes, and grinding dust.

Grimm Technologies, Inc.

Specializes in generating products and technologies used for indoor air quality, environmental monitoring, and engine emission testing.

Hamon Research-Cottrell

Provides an overview about the company along with product descriptions and details on services.

Heaton Green

Highlights a manufacturing company that specializes in generating dust control systems.

IAS Dust Collectors and Wet Gas Scrubbers

Develops environmental control systems such as duct collectors from Torit and Tri-Mer.

Imperial Systems, Inc.

Specializes in manufacturing dust collection systems such as baghouses, cyclones, rotary airlocks, flexible ducts and fittings, and fume collectors.

Indusco Environmental Services, Inc.

Aims to provide solutions for chemical process needs and air pollution control.

Industrial Air Solutions

Strives to generate dust collection, industrial ventilation, and air pollution control equipment.

IONEX Research Corporation

Generates equipment used to protect the environment and the atmosphere from hazardous airborne chemicals and contaminants.

Jardar Systems, Inc.

Compiles product description, details on industrial applications, and contact information.

JJG Air Solutions Engineering

Provides engineering solutions for air pollution concerns such as mist collection, fume, and odor control.

John Zink Company LLC

Aims to enhance air and water quality by providing industries with environmentally sensitive solutions.

Johnson Matthey

Focuses on supplying catalyst technology to control pollutant emissions. Includes product descriptions and contact details.

Kono Kogs, Inc.

Specializes in supplying air pollution control equipment and recognizes the importance of using thermal oxidizers.

M and W Industries

Aims to develop solutions such as catalytic oxidizers and solvent recovery systems to control VOCs, HAPs and foul odors.

MacDonald Steel

Focuses on supplying pneumatic conveying and dust collection systems. Includes product descriptions and contact details.

Megtec Systems

Focuses on supplying oxidizers and dryers for various industrial markets.


Highlights a company that generates air and liquid filtration solutions.

Midwest Air Equipment Co.

Provides an overview about the company along with product descriptions and details on technical services.

MRW Technologies

Specializes in building vapor combustors, gas flare systems, and thermal oxidizers.

Northwest Mist Systems

Provides fogging systems for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications.

OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc.

Focuses on air quality engineering and sampling methods research. Comes with details on product testing and links to related sources.

Peerless Manufacturing Company

Strives to deliver filtration systems used to remove solid and liquid contaminants.

Phenix Limited, LLC

Features a company that focuses on developing commercial retrofit and clean combustion system.

PLASMACAT Waste Air Treatment

Strives to provide various processes for waste air treatment. Includes the company’s profile and product descriptions.

Pollution Systems

Designs, builds and services industrial air pollution control systems including thermal oxidizers and scrubbers.

PPC Air Pollution Control

Develops biofiltration systems used for electrostatic precipitators and odor control.

Rees-Memphis, Inc.

Manufactures dust collection, pneumatic converging systems, and steel fabricated products across eastern United States and Canada.

Rexon Associates, Inc.

Offers commercial and industrial air cleaning solutions such as scrubbers and filter media.

RJM Corporation

Aims to provide solutions to meet various energy and emission problems.

RJM International

Strives to resolve emissions challenges for coal, oil, gas, and bio-fuel fired plants.

SKS Associates, Inc.

Contains the company’s profile along with product descriptions and links to related sources.

Sly Inc.

Generates dust collectors such as cartridge, filters, and baghouses.

TellKamp Systems, Inc.

California based company specializing in air pollution control equipment and thermal oxidizers.

Thermal Energy Inc.

Features a company that provides custom energy and emission reduction solutions.

Thiel Air Technologies

Aims to provide a broad range of equipment to eliminate industrial pollutant.

TIGG Corporation

Specializes in developing carbon adsorption systems and filters to meet various environmental challenges.

Tri-mer Corporation

Manufactures scrubber equipment such as cloud chamber and stationary diesel emissions.

Turbosonic Technologies, Inc.

Strives to enhance industrial processes by developing air pollution control equipment.

U.S. Air Filtration

Aims to address the needs of various industries that require air pollution control systems.

UNICOR - Filtration Services

Offers air filter solutions for air handling units, HVAC equipment, and spray/paint booth applications.

Vapor Technologies, Inc.

Focuses on manufacturing environmental equipment and chemicals throughout Houston, Texas.

Vepal Impianti

Designs, produces, and installs systems for air pollution control from any industrial process.

Wahlco, Inc.

Highlights a company that provides air pollution control solutions for utility and industrial concerns.

Watson Process Systems

Specializes in designing gas process equipment and Vortex scrubbing technology.

Well to Wire Emissions Control, Inc.

Generates strategies for cleaner emissions in oil storage sites, gas fields, and biomass processors.

Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc.

Compiles news, details on products and services, and history of the company.

Whitehead Construction, Inc.

Features a company that provides turnkey services to meet various ash handling needs.

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