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Air Dispersion Modeling Software

Air Dispersion Modeling Inc.

Presents software solutions to address air dispersion modeling needs.

BEE-Line Software

Focuses on marketing air dispersion modeling software combined with training and technical support.


Presents overview and application details on this air dispersion modeling software.

Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants

Provides advices on liquid spills, dense gas dispersion, smoke, and heat movements in tunnels and buildings.

Danish Rimpuff and Eulerian Accidental release Model

Presents a tracer model designed to study short and large-scale atmospheric dispersion, transport, and deposition of radioactive air pollution.

EPA's Air Quality Modeling Group

Supports policy and regulatory decisions by conducting modeling analysis.

Gexcon – FLACS

Highlights a tool used for modeling gas dispersion, ventilation, and vapor cloud explosions.


Aims to simulate atmospheric dispersion of hydrocarbons and hydrogen fluoride by generating PC-based models.

ImmProg2000 Dispersion Models

Compiles a set of dispersion models developed to address Swiss and German meteorological services.

L-3 Communications

Contains information about the company along with product description and details on services.

Lakes Environmental

Presents software solutions for risk assessment, air dispersion, and other environmental IT needs.

Petersen and Kade

Highlights a business firm that delivers dispersion modeling software based in Hamburg, Germany.

The SLAB model

Features a computer model that simulates atmospheric dispersion of denser-than-air releases.

Windlogics Inc.

Specializes in atmospheric modeling and analysis while generating methodologies for assessing long-term financial risk.

Wölfel Software

Presents software used to conjointly model air and noise pollution across Brussels region.

YSA Atmospheric Modeling

Offers atmospheric modeling solutions for predicting dispersion of airborne materials over coastal regions, urban areas, and complex terrain.

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