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Oceanography Projects


Focused on the measurement of temperature and salinity of the upper 2000 m of the ocean. With image gallery and related links.

Atmospheric Deposition and Impact on the Open Mediterranean Sea (ADIOS)

Project partially funded by the European Commission program Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD). Aims to evaluate the effect of atmospheric deposition with respect to natural processes and human activity.

Black Sea Ecosystem Processes and Forecasting / Operational Database Management System

Project description along with bibliography and presentations.

Coastal Observatory

Includes monitor of latest meteorology, wave heights, currents, tidal sea levels, sea water temperature, salinity, turbidity chlorophyll. Related topics included.

Coriolis Operational Oceanography

Details data on projects for sea-surface observation, in site measurement for ships, and assimilation of in site and satellite data in an ocean circulation model. Plus list of data service.

Cornell Morocco Project

Collaborative project dedicated to advancing understanding on the structure and geodynamics of the western Mediterranean (Alboran) region.

Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) Project

Project description with information on products, circulation model and animations.

European Directory of the Ocean-observing System

Online directory serves as information resource for ocean-observing, measuring, and monitoring systems operating in Europe.

Global Ocean Observing System

Serves as resource for observations, modeling and analysis of marine and ocean variables.

Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS)

International project aims to provide global and regional sea level networks for climate, oceanographic and coastal sea level research applications.

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

Details the project; annual program plan, program policies, partners, funding agencies, and mission.

Ocean Drilling Program

Delves in conducting basic research into the history of the ocean basins; with database, drilling facts, publications, cruise information, science and curation.

Project Oceanology

Furnishes oceanographic outings, expeditions, summer camps, and research cruises for grades 4-12, scout troops, and learners of any age.

Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science

International charity registered in the UK offers marine monitoring program that collects data from the North Atlantic and the North Sea on biogeography and ecology of plankton.

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP)

Research endeavor focusing on the coastal ecosystems of southern California. Aims to contribute to the scientific understanding of linkages among human activities, natural events, and the health of the Southern California coastal environment.

Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS)

International research project based in Norwich, in the United Kingdom. Aims to obtain quantitative understanding of the key biogeochemical-physical interactions and feedbacks between the ocean and atmosphere.

UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Established to strengthen various programs dedicated to the studies of fisheries and ocean sciences.

US Joint Global Ocean Flux Study

National project focused on ocean biogeochemistry with emphasis on quality measurements of carbon system parameters.

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