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Oceanography Journals

Acta Ichthyologica Et Piscatoria

International journal for ichthyology and fisheries presents editors, contents, subscription details, and abstracting.

Applied Ocean Research

Dedicated to encouraging submission of papers and works pertaining to ocean engineering.

Bulletin of Marine Science

Advocates research studies focused on tropical and subtropical waters of the world's oceans. Plus editorial board, and subscriptions.

Coastal Management

Contains access to articles published on current and previous issues.

Continental Shelf Research

Dedicated to publishing articles related to physical oceanography, sedimentology, geology, and chemistry. With links to current and previous issues.

Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans

Highlighting research articles devoted to fluid dynamics of atmospheres and oceans.

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

International journal centered on the analysis of saline water phenomena.

Geo-Marine Letters

Peer-reviewed journal presenting contributions pertaining to the processes, products and techniques in marine geology, geophysics, and geochemistry.

Journal of Marine Systems

Serves as network for information exchange among physical, chemical and biological oceanographers and marine geologists.

Journal of Plankton Research

Publishes different articles related to the field of plankton research. Plus subscriptions, current issues and archive.

Journal of Sea Research

Presenting research articles covering marine biology, marine chemistry, sedimentology and physical oceanography.

Limnology and Oceanography

Highlights publication of original articles about all aspects of limnology and oceanography.

Marine and Freshwater Research

Highlighting a compilation of research articles dedicated to aquatic sciences.

Marine Biotechnology

Overview on this publication with articles devoted to biotechnology of aquatic organisms.

Marine Environmental Research

Glimpses and description about the journal along with information on editorial staff and subscription.

Marine Geology

International journal presenting updates in the fields of marine geology, geochemistry and geophysics.

Marine Geophysical Researches

Holds geophysical data centered on deep ocean basins.

Marine Pollution Bulletin

Dedicated to the protection of the marine environment. Includes subscription and pricing details.

Ocean and Coastal Management

International journal centered on the study of ocean and coastal management.

Ocean Engineering

Serves as venue for information exchange among professionals in this field.

Ocean Modelling

Features peer-reviewed papers and other articles catering to those interested in ocean modeling.

Ocean News and Technology

Covering a wide range of ocean industry news, events and technology developments. Subscription information included.

Ocean Science

Online resource for scientific journals and research articles covering all aspects of ocean science.

Ocean Systems

European-based magazine which provides a wide array of information for the international oceanographic market. Includes subscription details and more.

Oceanographic Literature Review

Contains bibliography of international research in various fields of oceanography.


Official publication of the Oceanography Society. Features articles focused on all aspects of ocean science and its applications.


Quarterly journal of basic research in marine sciences with emphasis on northern European seas.

Progress in Oceanography

Contains various research works and papers presenting the advancements in the field of oceanography.

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