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Hurricane Katrina News and Media

A Bad Week for the Army Corps of Engineers

Covers the blows received by the group for their treatment of whistle-blowers Bunnatine Greenhouse, and Dr. Ivor van Heerden and his role in uncovering what really happened during Katrina.

Artifacts, Survivor Stories Power New Orleans Exhibit on Hurricane Katrina

Exhibit titled "Living With Hurricanes: Katrina and Beyond" opens and explores the storm and its aftermath.

BBC News - Hurricane Katrina

Access to news, footages, photos, and articles from the Hurricane Katrina.

Broken: The Army Corps of Engineers

Accused of being shoddy, complacent, and careless the Army Corps of Engineers now find themselves at blame for many regional disasters.

CNN - Hurricane Katrina

News and articles covering the Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

LSU Shoots Messenger, Fires Ivor van Heerden

Story details how LSU pressured by the Army Corps of Engineers and local powers fired whistleblower Ivor van Heerden.

The Man Who Predicted Katrina

PBS series follows Ivor van Heerden, a hurricane expert at Louisiana State University as he sees the coming "storm" of problems surrounding New Orleans.

MSNBC - Katrina the Long Road Back

Hurricane coverage include articles, commentaries, videos, and photos.

The New York Times - The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Showcasing a complete coverage of the effects and damages of the storm.

PBS - The Storm

A look back of hurricane Katrina three months later, with interviews, analysis, discussions, and stories.

Pumps Under Pressure

Tells the story of risk and reliability after Katrina of the pumps being installed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Recovery on the Gulf Coast

Hurricane Katrina coverage. Includes maps, photos, videos, and stories of the New Orleans disaster.

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