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Geology Volcanoes

Activity Report (Weekly)

Contains weekly notices of volcanic activity around the world.

Decade Volcano

Information, photos, links, and geologic trips to the volcanoes in Santorini, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and Indonesia.

Eruptions of Mount St. Helens

Online book contains chronicles of eruptions, with predictions for future volcanix activity.

ESA - Living Planet Programme

Details the new tools that aid volcanic ash monitoring. Meteorologists have been using a ground-based network of lidar instruments which provide a valuable source of information to help assess this unprecedented event.


Photoessay of Mount Etna's fury.

Global Volcanism Program

Resource for a wide range of information about volcanoes; names, map, photos, news, and activity reports.

IVHHN - The International Volcanic Health Hazard Network

Promotes research into health hazards associated with volcanic ash, gases; provides details of their activities and programs, with pamphlets, resources, and news.

Michigan Technological University Volcanoes

Provides scientific and educational information for hazard mitigation.

Mount Pelee

Contains overview of the volcano; past eruptions, volcanic risks, sites, news, useful tips, references and related links.

Mount St. Helens

Details eruptions from 1980 to 2000. Also contains facts and figures summarizing the volcanic activities.


Gives the history of the famous volcano that grew out of a Mexican cornfield and caused substantial damage.

USGS Volcano Hazards Program

Details information about volcano hazards, reducing volcanic risk, resources, volcano updates and news.

Virtually Hawaii

Provides resources for the authorities to utilize remote sensing data for land assessment and evaluation of natural hazards - coastal pollution, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, hurricane warnings and damage assessment.

Volcano and Earth-Science-Oriented Websites

Indexed links to volcano and related resources.

Volcano Live

Provides a comprehensive overview of the world's volcanoes, with information on joining expeditions to volcanic eruptions.

Volcano Updates

Includes links to daily updates for Mount St. Helens and the active volcanoes in Hawaii, Yellowstone Park, and Alaska.


Portal to a wide range of information about volcanoes and related resources. Includes news, terms and explanations.

Volcanoes and Volcanism

Images of volcanic eruptions - terrestrial and submarine, as well as glossary of seismology terms.

Volcanoes In Hawaii

Provides a brief overview of the history of Hawaiian volcanoes.

Volcanoes in New Zealand

Information on the region's active volcanoes, volcanic fields, geothermal activity, and causes of volcanism.

Volcanoes of the United States

Online version of the book detailing the history and activity of the volcanoes in the region.

Vulcano Etna

Provides links to the volcano’s geology, morphology, and history. Also includes photos, trekking, tourism opportunities, as well as associated folklore.

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