Petroleum Geophysical Exploration in the Best of the Web Directory

Petroleum Geophysical Exploration

  • Earth Measurement Corp.

    Offers specialty in ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic surveys, high resolution seismeic, sub-bottom profiling, gravity and magnetics, resistivity, conductivity, and more.

  • Fairfield

    Presents details on various products; data acquisition, processing and licensing.


    Serves the oil and mining exploration industry by providing gravity and magnetic data and related management and interpretation services. Contact details included.

  • Gibson Consulting

    Provides non-technical geologic guide services and educational presentations, including step-on guide service in geologically interesting parts of the world.

  • Interactive Interpretation and Training, Inc.

    Offers engineering, geophysical and geological services, as well as petroleum system analysis.

  • Land Tech

    Provider of 3D passive seismic topography survey, seismic acquisition, and processing services. With equipment rental and other facts.

  • Meridian Surveys

    Vessel tracking, vehicle tracking, vessel management, and fleet management systems, as well as client representation on QA/QC for the oil and gas industry.

  • Reid Geophysics Ltd.

    Services include geophysical consultancy in petroleum and mineral explorations, as well as environmental investigations.

  • Seismic Imaging Research

    Access to research documents on seismic exploration, elastic seismic response of salt structures and curved-ray prestack time migration, as well as related links.

  • Seistronix RAS-24 Exploration Seismograph

    Showcases the specifications, uses, and features of the seismograph designed for shallow refraction and reflection surveys, and general geophysical exploration.

  • Signature Seismic Processing Inc.

    Provides 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data processing services.

  • Sperling Geophysics Corporation

    Services include prospect evaluation, as well as seismic data interpretation, modeling, processing, and acquisition.

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