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Antarctic Ozone Hole

Earth Observatory: Antarctic Ozone Hole

Animates 30 years of images showing the extent of the ozone hole. With explanation of the cause and links to further resources.

Earth Observatory: The World We Avoided by Protecting the Ozone Layer

Models future ozone coverage with and without ozone protecting measures taken to date.

Is there a connection between the ozone hole and global warming?

The union of concerned scientists concludes that the data supports that the ozone hole is partly caused by overall global warming.

The Ozone Hole

Gathers current news, data, and predictions related to the ozone hole and ultraviolet ray exposure forecasts. Has extensive background articles and graphics.

The Ozone Hole Tour

From the University of Cambridge. Offers an electronic tour beginning with the discovery, then the recent loss over Antarctica, the science of the ozone hole and the latest research.

Ozone Hole Watch

Images and data updated daily with information from balloon and spacecraft monitoring instruments.

Ozone's Problem with Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Explains the chemistry involved with chlorofluorocarbons, stratospheric clouds, and ozone depletion.

Stratospheric Ozone Depletion

Resource module for students and teachers interested in studying the ozone layer. Includes images, a glossary, reports, and discussions on controversies.

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