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Space Weather

Australian Government IPS Radio and Space Services

Access to information related to national radio propagation and space weather services.

European Space Weather Portal

Provides a centralized access point for the members of the space weather community to share knowledge and results. With data, images, and publications in multiple languages.

International Space Weather Initiative

Utilizes the ground-based world-wide International Heliophysical Year instrument arrays already deployed to continue research. With publications, news, and participating organizations.

Lund Space Weather Center

Summarizes the solar and terrestrial physics behind space weather, impacts, and prediction efforts.

NOAA/NWS: Space Weather Prediction Center

Shows current views of the sun, geomagnetic and radiation storms, alerts, and a variety of data products.

Propagation, Space Weather, and Sunspot Cycle Resource Center

Provides maps of signal to noise ratio for amateur and shortwave radio operators.

Space Weather Canada

Features current alerts, regional forecasts, and auroral statuses.

Space Weather FX

MIT Haystack observatory presents a series of vodcasts exploring space weather and how it affects people and technology on Earth.

News articles presented providing updates on solar flares, meteor showers and other findings about asteroids and cosmic particles.

Collates information about the solar wind speed and density, interplanetary magnetic fields, and aurora chances. [English, French, Dutch].

US Air Force: Space Weather Operations

Monitors solar flares, noise storms and other releases of energy from the sun, and notifies military and civilian agencies in countries throughout the world.

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