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Atmospheric Physics

1976 Standard Atmosphere Calculator

Computes for the temperature, pressure, density, and speed of sound of a given altitude and temperature offset data set.

Atmospheric Optics

Features various illustrations dedicated to explaining atmospheric science applications.

Atmospheric Optics

Information and images of various light phenomena displayed by the Earth's atmosphere.

Atmospheric Physics at the University of Toronto

Provides information about the unit, people, research, publications, staff resources and links.

Community Coordinated Modeling Center

Access to information on modern space science simulations. Meetings and workshops also provided.

The InfraRed and Aeronomy Group

Contains detailed information pertaining to atmospheric research.

La Jolla Sciences

Database for various riometer information; price list, specifications, history, and more.

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Chronicles how the organization originated, its education, engineering, personnel, and featured articles.

MichiganTech Atmospheric Sceince Program

Information about the field of atmospheric sciences; with area of emphasis, faculty, research activities, courses, and facilities.

Provides information and images of the "colorful" plasma energy orbs discovered in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 2000.

Secrets of the Polar Aurora

Examines the physics behind the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights in the polar region.

UMBC Department of Physics: Research: Atmospheric

Faculty research areas include infrared, visible and ultraviolet measurements of gases and aerosols in the atmosphere using both passive and active remote sensing systems. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are science team members on a number of NASA and NOAA missions including AIRS, CALIPSO, GLORY, MODIS, and GOES-R. Instrument specializations of the faculty include atmospheric lidar, infrared spectroscopy, and fundamental aerosol microphysical techniques.

World Radiation Center

Includes showcase of projects, calibrations and instruments sales, links, events, publications and annual reports.

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