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Atmospheric Optics

Atmospheric Optics

Houses information about rays and shadows, water droplets, rainbows, ice halos, and high atmosphere. With links and resources.

Bob Fosbury: Atmospheric ice halos

Compares personal photographs of ice halos with computer model simulations to show the different arcs and bands.

Finnish Halo Observing Network

Details the hard core scientific research on halos on an amateur basis. With diagrams, drawings, and photographs.

Hyperphysics: Atmospheric Optics

Presents photographs, diagrams, and explanations of the physics behind phenomena such as rainbows, sky color, coronas, and mirages.

Optics of the Atmosphere

Offers photographs and explanations for rainbows, halos, noctilucent clouds, and diffraction phenomena.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Light and Optics

Presents photographs, illustrations, and descriptions of how rays, pillars, halos, and rainbows are created. Atmospheric optics

Extensive photographic gallery of effects caused by ice crystals and water droplets, at sunrise, sunset, and twilight, and other refraction, reflection, and diffraction examples.

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