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Chemistry Visualization Software

Biodesigner and iMol

Highlights the molecular viewer for Windows9X and Mac X systems that features sequence editor and protein builders.


Provides the visualization of molecular structures, vibrational modes, molecular orbitals, energy gradient and other properties.


Shows download links to the Windows programs that highlights molecular structure visualization and rendering features.


Provides visualization functions for biomolecules and results from GAMESS QM calculations.


Presents software used for the visualization and analysis of the surfaces of molecules and their electrostatic properties.

Historical Molecular Graphics

Explores the digitized versions of molecular structure movies produced on the early days of interactive molecular graphics.

JIMP - The Interactive Molecule Program

Highlights the publication quality images and presents the Fenske-Hall SCF calculations performance of the program used for viewing and manipulating 3D structures of molecules and orbitals.


Presents the Java-written, open-sourced molecular viewer used as a standalone application and web browser applet.

Nanotube Modeler

Generates visualization of the xyz-coordinates on nanotubes, nanocones, nanosheets, and fullerenes.


Provides open-source versions of the program used for molecular graphic visualization applications.


Shows highlights of the chemical visualization and illustration program that reads PDB files used for producing high-resolution ray-traced images.

Protein Explorer

Presents the web-based viewer for 3D structures of proteins, DNA and RNA. Also provides other relevant software packages.


Used to create and view Protein Data Bank (PDB) files.


Offers a graphics and modeling package used for molecular structuring and animated sequence generation.


Software used for molecular visualization of protein, DNA, and macromolecule structures available for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX systems.

Santorini and Patmos

Provides XYZ and PDB file viewing and 3-dimentional creation for Windows PC systems.


Presents freeware software collections that generate images of molecules from PDB and XYZ files.


Highlights features of the program including energy minimization and homology modeling systems.

UCSF Chimera

Shows highlights of the program that is modeled after UCSF Midas and MidasPlus.


Offers computational chemistry programs including Gaussian, Gamess, and Mopac.


Provides visualization and analysis of biological systems including proteins, nucleic acids, and lipid bilayer assemblies.

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