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Organic Chemistry Research Groups

Batey Group Homepage

Areas of study comprise various topics under the fields of synthetic organic and combinatorial chemistry.

The Breslow Group – Department of Chemistry, Columbia University

Research group interest lies in designing, synthesizing, and studying new molecules with interesting properties.

Carreira Research Group

Area of concentration is on the development of catalytic and stoichiometric reagents for asymmetric stereo control.

Chamberlin Research Group

Features articles related to the three major categories of research; total synthesis, diversity oriented synthesis and chemical biology.

The Cook Group – Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology (North Dakota State University)

Focuses on two target research areas of utilizing allyl organometallics to develop new synthesis methods and production of molecules with biological functions.

The Danheiser Group

Provides researches focusing on inventing new strategies in synthesizing carbocyclic and heterocyclic systems.

The Davies Group

Specializes in researches under carbohydrate chemistry.

Department of Chemistry – Iowa State University

Researches aimed at using palladium as catalyst in organic synthesis.

The Dervan Group – California Institute of Technology

Involved in the research of nucleic acids in bioorganic chemistry.

Diederich Group – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Contains details of researches on advanced synthetic and physical-organic methodology.

The Donohoe Group

Highlights the researches on oxidation, metathesis, reduction and synthesis.

The DV Research Group

Brief descriptions of research in helical electromolecules, higher dimensional materials and copper-based and polymer-supported catalysts.

Environmental Organic Chemistry and Technology Research Group

Contains short summaries of research areas ranging from environmental and analytical organic chemistry to clean technology.

Floss Research Group

Research interest lies in biosynthesis of natural products with focus on molecules produced by microorganisms.

Fred Capretta – Capretta Lab

Research focuses on developing new methods and systems that allow easier and direct access to new molecular structures and architectures.

Ghosh Group – Chemistry Department College of Science Purdue University

Provides detailed information of researches in bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, total synthesis and asymmetric synthesis.

The Gouverneur Group – Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Facilitates research in developing cutting-edge synthesis methods with special focus on asymmetric synthesis and catalysis.

Gribble Group

Contains links to researches of palladium applications for heterocyclic chemistry; and other chemistry resources.

Group of Prof. Dr. Paul Knochel

Research specialization in functionalized organo-magnesium reagents, zinc-compounds, copper compounds, asymmetric synthesis and iron and cobalt cross-coupling.

Hans J. Reich –University of Wisconsin – Madison

Directs research towards the study of organometallic and organometalloid compounds.

Harman Research Group

Overview of the research on dearomatization of arenes as a powerful method in organic synthesis.

Howell Research Group – Department of Chemistry University of Connecticut

Provides brief information and illustrations of researches in methods development, total synthesis and chemistry and biology interface.

Jacobi Research Group – Dartmouth College

Provides researches in cycloaddition reactions, electrocyclic chemistry, amino and paraconic acids, and linear and macrocyclic tetrapyrroles.

Jamison Group at MIT

Includes researches focusing on epoxide-opening cascades, carbon-carbon bond formation and target-oriented synthesis.

JC Sherman Research Group

Provides overview of researches under the areas of molecular encapsulation and de novo proteins.

Kobayashi Highly Functionalized Reactive Environments Project

Features outlines of research projects such as organic reactions in water and organic reactions in microreactors.

Koji Nakanishi Research Group

Illustrated samples of research on chemistry of vision, circular dichroism and ginkgolides.

The Kozlowski Research Group

Utilizes novel computational tools in discovering and optimizing new reagents and catalysts.

Laura L Kiessling – Biochemistry University of Wisconsin-Madison

Specialization in biomolecular recognition processes and the chemistry and biology of protein saccharide interaction.

Lautens Group – Department of Chemistry University of Toronto

Focuses on developing processes that result in the formation of carbon-carbon bond in bioactive compounds.

The Leighton Group – Columbia State University

Provides concise explanations of research in developing stereoselective reactions relevant to medicinal and natural products chemistry.

The Magnus Group – The University of Texas at Austin

Presently works on synthesizing antitumor marine alkaloid diazonamide with the use of a newly discovered phenolic ether rearrangement.

The Marshall Group – University of Virginia’s Department of Chemistry

Brief introduction of group’s research in producing natural products that may lead to medicinal agents for treating various illnesses.

The Maruoka Group, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Research abstracts in Practical Amino Acid, Practical Asymmetric and Selective Organic synthesis.

Matzger Research Group – University of Michigan

Emphasizes research in the field of organic materials chemistry.

McGarvey Lab – Organic Synthesis Group

Focuses on developing new chemistry for the synthesis of complex carbohydrates.

Michael A. Brook

Research group specializing in the use of silicon chemistry for polymer and materials synthesis.

Mohler Group – Department of Chemistry James Madison University

Features overviews of various research in DNA cleavage and footprinting, protein side chains and glycoproteins.

Molinski Group

Short descriptions of various research in organic and biological chemistry focusing on marine natural products.

Montgomery Group

Focuses on discovering and developing new chemical reactions mostly with processes involving transition metal catalysis.

Mulzer Group

Shows illustrations and brief explanations of research topics such as stereoselective organic reactions and natural produce syntheses.

The Panek Group

Emphasizes research activities in the field of synthetic organic chemistry specifically the introduction of chirality.

The Paterson Group – University of Cambridge

Takes particular interest in asymmetric reactions in the synthesis of biologically active natural products and structural analogues.

Prof. A.G.M. Barrett. FRS FMedSci

Carries out research on the complete synthesis of various organic compounds such as bioactive natural products and heterocyclic compounds.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Mayr

Provides database of reactivity parameters of electrophiles and nucleophiles.

Prof. Tito Scaiano – University of Ottawa

Summary of current research in metal and semiconductor nanoparticles, radicals and antioxidants, excited state interactions, sensors, DNA damage and photocages.

Rawal Group – Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago

Introduces the group’s research on discovering new ways to make complex molecules.

Research Laboratory in Fine Organic and Heterocyclic Chemistry

Provides concise descriptions of the research areas of organic synthesis, chemistry for life sciences and nanochemistry.

The Rigby Group

Articles containing data about studies on the total synthesis of Stenine and Ingenol among others.

Rychnovsky Research Group

Interested in the topics of prins cyclization, reductive decyanation, and chiral auxiliaries for oxocarbenium ion reactions.

The Sames Group

Contains brief illustrations and descriptions of research in fluorescent probes of biological processes.

The Scheidt Research Group – Northwestern University

Presents an overview of the research in the complementary areas of reaction methodology and bioorganic chemistry.

Shibasaki Lab – Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences The University of Tokyo

Features downloadable files on the periodic table with ionic radius, spectral data sheet and many others.

Smith Group

Concentrates on preparing stereodefined and enantiomerically pure building blocks through new catalytic reactions and asymmetric methods.

The Stephen F. Martin Research Group

Introduces the research’s main thrust in synthesizing natural and unnatural products with biological or structural interest.

The Stoltz Group

Focuses research on the synthesis of structurally complex biologically active molecules and includes detailed images.

The Suginome Research Group

Comprises various viewpoints of chemistry like organic and organometallic, polymer synthesis and photo chemistry.


Constitutes research about N¬-heterocyclic compounds with focus on strained amino acid derivatives and many others.

The Theodorakis Research Group

Conducts studies in natural products chemistry and biology.

Thompson Group

Engages in research on synthesizing and applying pyrrole-containing molecules.

The Toone Research Group at Duke University

Characterized by research in the application of physical organic chemistry in biological problems.

The Toste Group

Concentrates on developing catalysts, catalytic reactions and methodologies in synthesizing organic compounds.

Waldvogel Group

Carries out research in the areas of molecular recognition, new synthetic methodologies, and total synthesis of natural products.

Ward Group Home Page

Pursues research in designing, developing and demonstrating strategies in materials construction that allow absolute control over the chiral form at molecular level.

William J. Leigh

Contains articles and pertinent summaries regarding the research of photochemistry and its subcategories.

Willliam D. Lubell Research Group

Provides illustrations of chemical reactions involved in the research of peptide mimicry, combichem, amino acids ligands and solid-phase chemistry.

Xumu’s Research Group

Aims to establish a practical chiral toolbox for reactions in asymmetric catalysis.

The Yamamoto Group – University of Chicago

Studies the synthesis of various organic compounds through designer acid catalysis.

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