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Inorganic Compounds


Discusses the quartz variety caused by iron or manganese impurity.


Discusses the structure and formulation of the compound that is widely used as a treatment for tumors.


Presents an article that describes the structure and bonding details of the element.

Metal Carbonyls

Shows the 3D structure and bonding patterns of the elements.

Nitrous Oxide

Highlights the important medical applications and historical background of the “Laughing Gas”.


Discusses the importance of the element on aspects of physiology, geology, economics, religion, production, and etymology.

Soltec Ventures

Supplies rare earth compounds and other specialty inorganic specialty chemicals for custom synthesis in sol gel nanotechnolgy, including superconductor and catalyst technology.

Tetraethyl Lead and MTBE

Explains the structure and importance of the element as an additive to petroleum products.


Showcases the biophysical properties and importance of water.

Wilkinson's Catalyst

Highlights the compound that activates small organic molecules such that bond-breaking and bond-formation pathways are readily accessible.

ZSM-5a Zeolite Catalyst

Showcases the importance of the catalysts on the interconversion of hydrocarbons and the alkylation of aromatic compounds.

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