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Inorganic Compounds

  • Amethyst

    Discusses the quartz variety caused by iron or manganese impurity.

  • Cisplatin

    Discusses the structure and formulation of the compound that is widely used as a treatment for tumors.

  • Ferrocene

    Presents an article that describes the structure and bonding details of the element.

  • Metal Carbonyls

    Shows the 3D structure and bonding patterns of the elements.

  • Nitrous Oxide

    Highlights the important medical applications and historical background of the “Laughing Gas”.

  • Salt

    Discusses the importance of the element on aspects of physiology, geology, economics, religion, production, and etymology.

  • Soltec Ventures

    Supplies rare earth compounds and other specialty inorganic specialty chemicals for custom synthesis in sol gel nanotechnolgy, including superconductor and catalyst technology.

  • Tetraethyl Lead and MTBE

    Explains the structure and importance of the element as an additive to petroleum products.

  • Water

    Showcases the biophysical properties and importance of water.

  • Wilkinson's Catalyst

    Highlights the compound that activates small organic molecules such that bond-breaking and bond-formation pathways are readily accessible.

  • ZSM-5a Zeolite Catalyst

    Showcases the importance of the catalysts on the interconversion of hydrocarbons and the alkylation of aromatic compounds.

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