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History of Chemistry

A and B Scott Science History

Provides articles on the development of the atomic theory, models of atomic structure and the Periodic Table.

Chemistry: A Volatile History

Contains synopsis and video clips from this BBC Four series, in which Jim Al-Khalili traces the story of how the elements were discovered and mapped.

Classic Chemistry

Provides various articles and resources related to chemistry such as classic papers, classic calculations and elements and atoms.

Early Ideas in the History of Quantum Chemistry

Provides collected details revolving around the world of quantum chemistry and designed for students, assistants and professors.

The History and Chemistry of the Murexide Dye

Outlines and various articles detailing the four historical periods in the life of the purple murexide dye.

History of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology

Collection of articles, resources and links centering on the field of Chemical Engineering.

Lichen Purple

Descriptions of the types and uses of lichen in history as well as its preparation into dyes.

Nobel Prizes in Chemistry

Chronological list of scientists who received the Nobel Price in Chemistry with additional data on their works.

The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry

Registered society holding annual meetings, offering prizes and publishing the scientific journal Ambix.

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