Actinium Chemical Elements in the Best of the Web Directory

Actinium Chemical Elements

ChemGlobe – Actinium

Overview of the featured element’s therma, steric and electronic details. Includes numerical information.

Chemical Actinium

Introduction to the structure of the element’s atom, isotope facts as well as its characteristics and discovery.

Environmental Actinium

Archived data on industrial implications, applications, electronic configuration, composition and regulations imposed on the element usage.

Jefferson Lab

Cites the discovery and applications of the element. Contains physical data and configuration of its electronic structure.

LANL: Actinium

Numerical data on the element’s structure and properties presented. Features links to information resources.

Visual Elements – Actinium

Presents brief description of the element’s characteristics, origin and discovery.

WebElements – Actinium

Defines the structure of the element including details on its atomic characteristics. Cites related references as well.

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