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Chemistry Teaching Resources

  • Adrian Dingle’s Chemistry Page

    Provides various links and resources to instructors and educators teaching Advanced Placement Classes.

  • Alchemy Through Chemistry

    Compilation of various resources, lab activities, study aids and background information of the basic concepts in chemistry.

  • Biomolecular Structures

    An Internet course intended as a computer-based laboratory exercise for undergraduate students in basic biochemistry.

  • Cavalcade o’ Chemistry

    Designed to help to engage students’ and teachers’ interest in chemistry through tutorials, practice problems and worksheets and other activities.

  • Chem13 News – University of Waterloo

    Provides information on subscribing to Chem13, the magazine published to help educators teaching introductory chemical courses.

  • Chem4Kids

    Educational resources featuring information on elements, atoms, reactions, matter, and biochemistry.

  • Chemiluminescence

    Describes briefly the phenomenon of chemiluminescence.

  • Chemistry Collective

    Presents information on chemistry virtual labs and offers scenario-based learning activities for teachers and students.

  • ChemWiki

    Collaborative project creating an open access textbook, written by students and by faculty members.

  • Concepts in Science through Molecular Modeling

    Includes multimedia modules on the properties of water, chemistry of carbon, photosynthesis, and the molecules of life.

  • Creative Chemistry

    Provides learning resources for teachers and chemistry enthusiasts with fun practical activities, worksheets and practical guides.

  • Educational Resources for Particle Technology

    Free online resource offering various particle technology tutorials.

  • General Chemistry at Widener University

    Contains a collection of handouts, spreadsheets, programs, and Mathcad documents for general chemistry at Widener University.

  • General Chemistry Online

    Provides abundant resources for students and teachers ranging from compounds database to guides about chemistry exams.

  • Global Instructional Chemistry

    Includes case histories illustrating modern chemistry in action, with "hyperactive" molecules which you will be able to rotate, measure plus chemical problems suitable for tutorial and classes.

  • Instrumental Analysis

    Contains lecture materials, answers to problem sets, handouts, spreadsheets, Mathcad documents and WWW links for the Instrumental Analysis course at Widener University.

  • Jefferson Lab – Science Education

    Contains educational learning resources for teachers and students such as hands-on activities, worksheets, homework helpers, games and puzzles.

  • Mark Bishop's Chemistry Site

    Contains educational resources for students taking up chemistry such as tutorial supplements, quizzes and student sites.

  • NMR Analysis using Hyperactive Molecules and the World-Wide Web

    Article by Henry S. Rzepa and Christopher LeachDepartment of Chemistry, Imperial college, London.

  • NMR Tutor

    Six second year lectures given at Imperial College by Henry Rzepa: NMR Spectroscopy. Principles and Application.

  • Online Introductory Chemistry

    An introductory college chemistry course with home laboratory.

  • Principles of Alchemy

    Self-paced, self-learning program specifically designed to teach Chemistry on your computer.

  • The Principles of Protein Structure

    An Internet Course organised by Birkbeck College in collaboration with the Virtual School of Natural Sciences(VSNS) of the Globewide Network Academy (GNA).

  • Science Geek

    Support for El Diamante High School chemistry class provides first year chemistry students access to notes, worksheets, labs, and other documents.

  • Science Teachers’ Resource Center

    Intended to be used by teachers in the sharing and exchanging of ideas regarding the fields of science lie chemistry, biology and physics.

  • Terrific Science

    Resource for parents, teachers, and kids. Offers chemistry education tools, courses, and workshops.

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