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Chemistry Education

  • Chemathon – University of Maryland

    Posts the latest news about the chemistry competition held annually for high school students in Maryland, North Virginia and the District of Columbia.


    Portal to a wide range of general chemistry case studies covering various chemistry areas.

  • Chemical Education Library

    Collaborative, community-driven effort with exemplary digital resources, tools, and online services for teaching and learning chemistry.

  • The Chemogenesis Web Book

    Focuses on exploring the periodic table of elements and its origins in the chemical structure and reactivity of the elements.

  • Environmental Chemistry

    Provides the latest news, information and resources regarding environmental, chemistry and hazardous materials.

  • Erik’s Chemistry

    Collection of notes in Chemistry, AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry available for viewing and reading.

  • Haber Process Research

    Features the history, uses and raw materials as well as reversible reactions of the method used in World War 1 to produce ammonia.

  • Hands on Plastics

    Science education resource presents students and teachers with resources that discuss the chemistry and characteristics of plastics.

  • How Stuff Works

    Supplies explanations to questions regarding the concepts behind the workings of the daily commodities in life.

  • Institute for Chemical Education

    Provides educational programs and workshops aimed at disseminating chemistry information.

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology

    Downloadable science module activity featuring the interactive simulation of the periodic table of elements for the use of teachers and students.

  • Journal of Chemical Education

    Publication of the Division of Chemical Education, Inc. Presents articles and updates that are of interest to the chemistry sector.

  • Kiwi Web – Chemistry and New Zealand

    Devoted to imparting knowledge in Detergent Chemistry and Chemistry to students through short abstracts and articles.

  • KryssTal – Chemistry

    Compilation of essays focusing on providing facts on the elements, chemical reactions and other topics under the field of Chemistry.

  • LearnNet

    Provides various educational resources in chemistry that benefits teachers, students and home learners.

  • Martindale’s The Virtual Chemistry Center

    Repository of journals, courses, databases, videos and movies as well as courses and textbooks and teaching modules in the field.

  • National Mole Day Foundation, Inc.

    Commemorates the Avogadro’s Number and dedicated to fostering schools’ interest in chemistry.

  • The Organometallic HyperTextBook

    Presents a hypertext guide to organometallic chemistry.

  • Osmosis Reverse and Osmotic Pressure

    Full-length article explaining the concept of osmosis and its effect in a biological environment.

  • Petrochemistry

    Introduces the concept of petrochemistry, the application of chemistry for fundamental human needs.

  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics

    Contains detailed explanations regarding the second law and entropy.

  • Stu’s Atom Page

    Illustrated guide on the history of atoms, its structure and how it affects everyone.

  • Syvum

    Provides chemistry quiz activities and games for students at various grade levels.

  • Water Structure and Behavior

    Collection of articles devoted to explaining the chemistry and concept of the water molecule.

  • Water-related Pseudoscience, Fantasy and Quackery

    Provides vast database of information related to water and distinguishes the genuine from the bogus.

  • What's That Stuff?

    Answers to that question are found here in this collection of articles that look at the chemistry in everyday products.

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