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Computational Chemistry Research Groups

Alán Aspuru-Guzik

Providing research on theories and applications about electronic structure.

Angel Rubio

Group engaging in study of condensed matter physics, nano-bio spectroscopy and biological molecules. Publishes theses and official publications.

Cambridge University Centre for Computational Chemistry

Organization covers topics on research, computational, theoretical and quantum chemistry.

Case Group

Develops and applies the dynamics and structures of biological chemistry in computer modeling.

Center for Molecular Modeling

Supplies molecular modeling resources and expertise to the chemical science community.

Center For Superfunctional Materials

Offers details of graduate programs, research, members, publications, community and admission.

Dimitris K. Agrafiotis,Ph.,D.

Biography of Johnson’s and Johnson’s vice president for pharmaceutical research and development. Includes his publications on related scientific topics.

Drug Design Laboratory

Offers projects, theses and molecular software tools for use in non-profit organizations.

Houk Research Group

Conducting research on organic quantum mechanical methods and systems.

Jurs Research Group

Using computer-assisted methods for studies on physicochemical properties, pharmaceutical activity, chemical and genetic toxicity.

McCammon Group

Simulating solvent properties of solutions, proteins and membranes.

Royal Institute of Technology School of Biotechnology Theoretical Chemistry

Active in photonic research for further application in the information technology sector.

Schlegel Group

Conducts lectures, laboratory work and analysis on science related topics.

The Sherrill Group

Addressing problems on quantum mechanical principles and electronic structure theory in related chemistry studies.

Techniques for Organic Reactions, Visualizations and Spectroscopy

Acquires drug designs and tallies organic chemical reactions as well as handling spectroscopy services.

The Theoretical Chemistry Group, Oslo, Norway

Posting in Norweigan for Norweigan chemists about quantum chemistry, molecular response properties, and explicitly correlated electronic wavefunctions.

The Tidor Group

Investigating sources in stability, structures and properties of different macromolecules.

The Truhlar Group

Experienced in quantum mechanics with dynamics and photochemistry.

Van Gunsteren Group's

Researches on molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecular systems.

William L. Jorgensen Research Group

Laboratory group designed for computational chemistry. Contains publications and research materials.

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