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Separations Science Instruments

  • Brechbuhler, Inc.

    Highlights the LC and MS systems and application details; and product guides.

  • Chromalytic Technology

    Manufactures chromatography ferrules, polyimide and graphite parts for the Australian territories.

  • Jasco Analytical Instruments

    Shows the products used for chromatography applications, provides maps of office locations, and highlights various solutions for laboratory needs.

  • JM Science

    Provides equipment for the separation and detection of various compounds used during high performance liquid chromatography.

  • JMST Systems

    Shows fluorescence, UV and visible wavelength detectors for use on HPLC, CEC and CE applications in pharmaceutical, biological, environmental and forensic analysis projects.

  • Kinesis Ltd.

    Distributes HPLC consumables and spare parts. Shows product catalogs, technical materials, and partnership lists.

  • KNAUER Advanced Scientific Instruments

    Manufactures data systems and consumables for HPLC technologies.

  • Labhut

    Highlights the company’s products and services for equipment used on chromatography units.

  • Laubscher Labs

    Offers consultancy and material management services, highlights company achievements, and provides technical resources.

  • Nest Group

    Shows protocol lists, application details, and pricing guides for HPLC columns.

  • New Analytical Systems Ltd.

    Presents analytical methods, software applications, and hardware products for gas and liquid chromatography.

  • OI Corporation

    Provides development, manufacturing, and servicing of analytical instruments that detects, measures, and analyzes for chemicals in liquids, solids, and gases.

  • Peak-ABC System

    Explores the data handling systems compliant with GLP standards and compatible with HPLC and GC instruments.

  • Picometrics SA.

    Sells laser induced fluorescence detectors for HPLC or capillary electrophoresis applications.

  • PolyLC

    Distributes liquid chromatography columns and consumables for laboratories and facilities.

  • Precision Instruments

    Sells HPLC sets, columns, detectors, and accessories. Presents catalogs.

  • Pretech Instruments

    Distributes laboratory equipment. Shows company profile, product catalogs, and supplier lists.

  • Princeton Chromatography Inc.

    Manufactures and sells HPLC and SFC columns. Shows application guides, media presentations, contact details.

  • Process Analyzers

    Highlights spectroscopic, chromatographic analyzers, sensors and firmware for continuous monitoring and process control applications on research projects.

  • Restek Corporation

    Develops and manufactures chromatography columns, units, and applications.

  • Rheodyne

    Manufactures high-pressure valves for instruments on the scientific industries.

  • Richard Scientific Inc.

    Supplies liquid chromatography products, presents application guides, and offers maintenance services.

  • Scientific Adsorbents

    Offers products and solutions for chromatographic separation techniques.

  • Selerity Technologies

    Manufactures supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipment and columns for research applications.

  • SeQuant

    Specializes on chromatography instruments and consumables. Shows product catalogs, support manuals, and service details.

  • SGE Chromatography Products

    Shows products and technical support services for MS and chromatography units.

  • Silicycle

    Sells silica gels used for chromatography and organic synthesis applications.

  • SofTA ELSD Detectors

    Shows highlights of the thermo-split technology including performance guarantees and price ranges.

  • Spectrum Chromatography

    Sells instruments, columns, and syringes used for liquid chromatography applications.

  • Thar Technologies, Inc.

    Shows application guides, particle design details, and career opportunities.

  • Thermo: Chromatography

    Manufactures HPL, GC, and ion chromatography; and highlights hyphenated techniques.

  • Valco Instrument Instrument Company

    Shows the products and services of the products for the GC, LC, HPLC, SFE, and SFC units.

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