Electrophoresis Products and Services in the Best of the Web Directory

Electrophoresis Products and Services

  • Biotaq Inc.

    Provides tubing products used for capillary electrophoresis, nucleotide sequencing and regeneration reagents that are compatible with LabChip, Agilent and ABI instruments.

  • Cleaver Scientific Ltd.

    Manufactures horizontal and vertical gel systems; and radiation protection shields.

  • Danaphor

    Sells laboratory devices and accessories used on agarose and polyacrylamide systems for medical analysis applications. Shows product catalogs and ordering details.

  • Elchrom Scientific AG

    Provides materials and methodologies for biological macromolecule separations, shows global distributors, and presents the company profile.

  • LabGadget LLC.

    Highlights tools used for collection electrophoretic bands including DNA samples. Shows ordering information and pricing guides.

  • Micronit Microfluidics BV

    Explores the lab-on-a-chip applications prototypes in glass and silicon materials.

  • Web Scientific Ltd.

    Sells gel electrophoresis accessories, DNA sequencing consumables, and biological reagents.

  • WIBEX SC Electrophoresis Laboratory

    Offers grain and seed storage protein analysis for the agriculture and food corporations.

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