Mass Spectometry Instruments in the Best of the Web Directory

Mass Spectometry Instruments

  • Advion BioSciences

    Highlights the development of automated, chip-based mass spectrometry technology, offers contract bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical industries; and presents publications and company details.

  • Agilent Technologies

    Highlights the company’s capillary electrophoresis, GC and LC delivery, with TOF, ICP-MS, electrospray, including ion trap for MS/MS.

  • Analytica of Branford, Inc.

    Developers electrospray ionization and time-of-flight mass spectrometry technologies.

  • BME - Bergmann Messgeraete

    Showcases company highlights, presents product lists, and provides contact details.

  • Comstock Incorporated

    Provides flight mass spectrometers, shows company profiles, and contains educational resources.

  • ETP Electron Multipliers

    Highlights online ordering features, technical support assistance, and troubleshooting materials for spectrometry products.

  • Ferran Scientific, Inc.

    Features the company’s residual gas analyzers that are based on the Micropole quadrupole sensor array.

  • Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    Sells quadrupole mass spectrometers uses for vacuum, plasma, residual gas and surface analysis.

  • Ionoptika Ltd.

    Shows parts catalogs, discusses service and upgrades contacts, and gives profiles of the company.

  • Kratos Analytical

    Sells surface Analysis, turbopumps, and MALDI ToF products for medical and research applications.

  • Mass Spectrometry International Ltd.

    Presents the company’s design, manufacturing, and sales services of sector mass spectrometers for the scientific medical and research institutions around England.

  • MDS Sciex

    Proffers research, design, and production services for mass spectrometers and systems used for screening, analysis, and discovery applications.

  • MS-Service W. Lehmann

    Offers repair and maintenance services for different spectral analyzing equipment.

  • New Objective, Inc.

    Compiles resources and links for electrospray including explanations of nanobore chromatography applications.

  • Phoenix S&T, Inc.

    Sells an array of nanospray nozzles on a micromolded polypropylene chip.

  • Prosolia, Inc.

    Commercial outlet for ion source researches for mobile spectrometers. Discusses applications, shows training resources, and presents career opportunities.

  • Shimadzu Biotech

    Presents the manufacturers and distributors of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers used as tools for the analysis in life science and drug discovery.

  • Syft Technologies Ltd.

    Presents application examples, system lists, and technical guides.

  • Thermo Electron Corp.

    Manufactures Finnigan LTQ, LCQ, quad electrospray, TOF MS, and MS/MS for identification and proteomics applications.

  • Thermolinear GmbH.

    Manufactures Wien-filter isotope mass spectrometers for analysis applications.

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