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Mass Spectometry Instruments

Advion BioSciences

Highlights the development of automated, chip-based mass spectrometry technology, offers contract bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical industries; and presents publications and company details.

Agilent Technologies

Highlights the company’s capillary electrophoresis, GC and LC delivery, with TOF, ICP-MS, electrospray, including ion trap for MS/MS.

Analytica of Branford, Inc.

Developers electrospray ionization and time-of-flight mass spectrometry technologies.

BME - Bergmann Messgeraete

Showcases company highlights, presents product lists, and provides contact details.

ETP Electron Multipliers

Highlights online ordering features, technical support assistance, and troubleshooting materials for spectrometry products.

Ferran Scientific, Inc.

Features the company’s residual gas analyzers that are based on the Micropole quadrupole sensor array.

Hiden Analytical Ltd.

Sells quadrupole mass spectrometers uses for vacuum, plasma, residual gas and surface analysis.

Ionicon Analytik GmbH.

Showcases products used to compute proton transfer reactions, provides details on applications for various organic compounds, and compiles publications.

Ionoptika Ltd.

Shows parts catalogs, discusses service and upgrades contacts, and gives profiles of the company.

Kore Technology Limited

Explains the application areas of the technological products of the company.

Kratos Analytical

Sells surface Analysis, turbopumps, and MALDI ToF products for medical and research applications.

Mass Spectrometry International Ltd.

Presents the company’s design, manufacturing, and sales services of sector mass spectrometers for the scientific medical and research institutions around England.

MDS Sciex

Proffers research, design, and production services for mass spectrometers and systems used for screening, analysis, and discovery applications.

MS-Service W. Lehmann

Offers repair and maintenance services for different spectral analyzing equipment.

New Objective, Inc.

Compiles resources and links for electrospray including explanations of nanobore chromatography applications.

Phoenix S&T, Inc.

Sells an array of nanospray nozzles on a micromolded polypropylene chip.

Prosolia, Inc.

Commercial outlet for ion source researches for mobile spectrometers. Discusses applications, shows training resources, and presents career opportunities.

Syft Technologies Ltd.

Presents application examples, system lists, and technical guides.

Thermo Electron Corp.

Manufactures Finnigan LTQ, LCQ, quad electrospray, TOF MS, and MS/MS for identification and proteomics applications.

Thermolinear GmbH.

Manufactures Wien-filter isotope mass spectrometers for analysis applications.

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