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Ciliophora Ciliophora

Provides information on the unique features of these protists.

Ciliata: Fossil Record

Offers information on ancient representatives.

Ciliata: Life History and Ecology

Provides information on life cycles and environmental impact.

Ciliata: Morphology

Information on body structure and functions. With illustrations.

Ciliata: Systematics

Presents classification system of member species.

Ciliophora - Protozoans That Move With Cilia

Presents information on locomotion. With illustrations.

Ciliophora Phylum (Ciliophora) Toxicity Studies

Offers toxicology studies for these aquatic organisms. Ciliophora

Furnishes related topics, pictures, video, article links, and definitions.

Introduction to the Ciliata

Presents data on morphology and distribution. With links to related sites.

ITIS Report: Ciliophora

Provides information on taxonomy and nomenclature. Includes references and off-site resources.

MarBEF Data System ERMS Taxon Details Ciliophora

Provides status of taxonomic classification.

National Institute for Environmental Studies Ciliophora

Provides a classification guide for these protists. With references.

Palebiology Database Ciliophora

Offers information on classification, taxonomy and synonymy.

Protist Images: Ciliophora

Provides access to photomicrographs of member species.

Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce Phylum Ciliophora

Provides a listing of member species.

Species Accounts Ciliophora

Provides a listing of member species.

Systema Naturae 2000 / Classification Phylum Ciliophora

Presents a taxonomic tree for these organisms.

Taxonomicon: Phylum Ciliophora

Presents a classification system for these protists.

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