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Botanical Dermatology Database Bromeliaceae (Pineapple Family)

Enumerates the hazards associated with members of this plant group. With references.

Bromeliaceae: (Pineapple Family)

Gives overview of family, locations, common specimens, and link to additional information.

Chromazone Flowers Bromeliaceae

Offers photos of member species.

Examination of Subfamilial Phylogeny in Bromeliaceae

Presents abstract of the paper by RG Terry, GK Brown and RG Olmstead. The entire title of tarticle is "Examination of subfamilial phylogeny in Bromeliaceae using comparative sequencing of the plastid locus ndhF.".

Families of Flowering Plants Bromeliaceae Juss.

Discusses general anatomy and reproduction.

Flora of China Bromeliaceae A. L. Jussieu

Describes the flower of this plant group. With links.

Flora of Ecuador: Bromeliaceae

Provides photos of member species.

Flora of North America Bromeliaceae A. L. Jussieu

Describes leaves and flowers. With references and links.

Florida Nature Bromeliaceae (Bromeliads)

Provides taxonomic classification. With links.

Fotosearch Bromeliaceae Stock Photos and Images

Allows access to photographs of member species.

Growing Pineapples as a House Plant

Features the propagation of these species. With photos.

Hydrophobic Trichome Layers and Epicuticular Wax Powders in Bromeliaceae

Provides abstract of the research by Simon Pierce, et al.

Images of Dry Tropical Habitat: Bromeliads (Bromeliaceae)

Provides description of subgroups. With photos.

Information on Brazilian Ornamental Species of the Genus Tillandsia L. (Bromeliaceae)

Offers abstractof thepaper by M.E. Soares Payao Dematte.

Key to the Genera of Bromeliaceae

Proovides a guide to identification.

Leaf Quality of Aechmea (Bromeliaceae) Under Non-Adapted Greenhouse Conditions

Presents abstract of the paper by E. Londers, I. Vervaeke and R.Deroose et al.

List of Genera in Family Bromeliaceae

From Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, includes synonyms, standard forms, and authors.

Miscellaneous New Taxa of Bromeliaceae (XVI)

Offers brief abstract, literature cited, and figures related to article by Luther, Harry E. Plant Names From the Botanical Family Bromeliaceae

Enumerates the common names of member species. With links.

The Origin of the Low Chromosome Number in Cryptanthus (Bromeliaceae)

Contains abstract of paper by RamÍrez-Morillo, Ivón M. and Brown, Gregory K. with links to purchase full text or PDF.

Plant Image Gallery - Bromeliaceae

Allows access to photos of member species.

Plant Bromeliad (Family Bromeliaceae)

Features the common varieties of this plant group. With photos.

Plants of Hawaii Ananas comosus

Allows access to photos of this specie.

Plants of the Bromeliaceae Family

Provides listing of subgroups. With photos.

Tropicos Image List for Bromeliaceae

Offers scientific names of member species. With photos.

University of California Museum of Paleontology Bromeliflorae

Features the origin of this plant group. With photos and links.

University of Hawaii Bromeliaceae

Provides description. With photos.

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