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Crescent Bloom Liliopsida

Presents vernacular names of species belonging to this plant group.

Introduction to the Liliopsida: The Monocots

Offers basic information on these flowering plants. With links to related sites.

Liliopsida Yksisirkkaiset

Offers a guide to the orders and subgroupings under this group. With Finnish names.

Monocots: Fossil Record

Information on the prehistoric existence of these flowering plants.

Monocots: Life History and Ecology

Provides information on the growth, habitat and distribution of this type of flowering plants.

Monocots: More on Morphology

Discusses the differences of this type of flowering plants from the others.

Monocots: Systematics

Information on the diversity of these flowering plants. With links to various subgroups.

Systema Naturae 2000 / Classification Class Liliopsida

Offers a taxonomic tree for this plant group.

Tree of Life Web Project Monocotyledons

Discusses the unique features of these angiosperms. With references.

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