Hepaticophyta in the Best of the Web Directory


Backyard Nature Liverworts

Presents the importance of members of the phylum at home. With historical background, images and related links.

Cololejeunea Species New to Taiwan

Information on two newly discovered liverworts.

Hepaticophyta Liverworts

Presents different species and phylogenetic relationships of the phylum. With diagram, data references and related link.

Hidden Forest Liverworts

Provides lists and distinguishing characteristics of these bryophytes found in New Zealand. With images and related links.

Liverworts Jubulaceae

Presents the members of a family of the species. With literature on the phylum.

Liverworts of the Klamath Mountains

Presents a course description from the Siskiyou Field Institute. With images, links and contact information.

Liverworts or the Jungermanniophyta

Provides lifecycles and features as well as economic and ecological roles of these bryophytes. With images and links.

Liverworts: Anthocerotopsida

Presents an overview of the species as well as its life history. With links.

Photographs of Liverworts

Presents a gallery of representatives of the phylum from the collection of the University of Glasgow. With links to related sites.

Riccia and Ricciocarpus: Liverworts for the Aquarium Gardener

Presents two species and their importance. With images and related links.

Vegbank Hepatopsida

Provides a taxonomic listing of this group. With links to related sites.

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