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Ginkgo biloba

101 Ginkgo Biloba

Offers images of this plant species from all over the world.

American Fitness Training of Athletics Ginkgo Biloba

Gives information on what researchers have found out about the medicinal contents of the herbal plant.

Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo biloba Leaf)

Gives information on the history of the plant.

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair Tree Leaf)

Presents a study on the benefits of extracts from this plant species.

Ginkgo Biloba Information and Side Effects

Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of taking the herbal supplement.

Ginkgo biloba L.

Describes the history and distinguishing features of this living fossil. With images.

Ginkgo Fails Important Memory Test, According To Study in JAMA

Article on a study conducted at Williams College in Williamstown, MA, and The Memory Clinic in Bennington, VT.

Ginkgo Herbal Supplements Vary Widely In Content

Article on a study using analytical technique that could help address quality control issues.

Ginkgo May Protect Brain Against Stroke Damage

Article on the possible beneficial effects of this plant to human health.

Ginkgo Pages

Offers a tribute to this unique tree. By Cor Kwant.

Ginko biloba

Presents the benefits that can be derived from this plant.

Ginko Biloba and Alzheimer's

Gives facts about the herbal plant and the illnesses that it can cure or prevent.

Imaginatorium Ginkgo

Presents basic information on this living fossil. With links to related sites. Encyclopedia Ginkgo

Provides basic information on these members of the plant kingdom. With links to other resources.

Medicinal Uses of Ginkgo biloba Linneaus

Discusses both ancient and modern health applications for this plant species.

OHSU Study Finds Ginkgo Beneficial for MS Symptoms

Article on the effect of this plant on human health.

Phytochemicals Ginkgo

Presents the medicinal properties of the tree.

Researchers Put Gingko On Trial for Treatment of Dementia

Article on a study being conducted on this plant.

UCLA Researchers Find Gingko Biloba May Help Improve Memory

Article on a study on the effect of this flora on verbal recall.

Vitamins and Nutrition Center Ginko Biloba

Gives information on the usage of the herbal plant and its restrictions.

What is Ginkgo?

Presents basic information on this living fossil.

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