Equisetophyta in the Best of the Web Directory


Absolute Astronomy: Horsetail

Discusses molecular data, species, hybrids, geographic links, and definitions.

BioLib: Gallery Equisetophyta

Shows images of members of this plant group.


Describes this group of homosporous vascular plants comprising a single genus with about 15 species. With images and links.

Flora of Southwest Virginia: Phylum Sphenophyta

Provides information on this spore-bearing group of vascular plants that are also called Equisetophyta.


Describes the characteristics of this plant division. Includes scientific classification and species.

Horsetail Family

Describes this species of plants with jointed stems and distinctive nodes. With image and links.


Presents a brief description of this plant group, including descriptions of several Equisetum species.

ITIS Report: Equisetophyta

Report covers the taxonomy and nomenclature of member species.

Phylum Spenophyta: Horsetails or Scouring Rushes

Details the California elements of this phylum. With images.

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