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Monera Bacteria Bacteria

Presents links to access information on bacteria. Includes journal of bacteriology.

About Microscopy-UK: An Overview of Bacteria

Provides introduction to these microbes with images of stained cultures and microscopic examination of bacteria.

American Museum of Natural History: Bacteria

Presents information on the characteristics, diseases caused and importance.


Provides information on the characteristics, advance member organisms and photos.

Bacteria: The Space Colonists

Presents information on the survival of bacteria to the moon.

Bacterial Pictures

Presents information on the investigation of a bacteria. With photos.

Biology.Pl: Luminescent Bacteria

Contains data on the bacteria found in the phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Enchanted Learning: Bacteria

Provides information on the evolution, types, reproduction and effects of the group. Includes the discovery and classification.

German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures

Offers data on bacterium, microorganisms, identification and plant viruses.

Live Science: Information About Bacteria

Contains information on the characteristics and featured bacteria stories.

Ohio State University: Bacteria

Contains information on the effects to plants, diseases, Nitrogen fixing bacteria, Photosynthetic bacteria, bacterial ecology and photos.

Science Daily: Bacteria Use Plant Defense For Genetic Modification

Offers information on the how microbes infiltrate plant systems.

Science Daily: Common Bacteria That Cause Food Poisoning Can Now Be Found Quickly

Contains data on the technique to diagnose food poisoning caused by bacteria in Australia.

Stephen Jay Gould: Planet of the Bacteria

Contains data on the diversity and importance of single-celled organisms. Includes utility and information on bacterial biomass.

Uiversity of California Museum of Paleontology: Introduction to the Bacteria

Provides informatio on Life History, Ecology, Systematics, Fossil records and morphology.

Virtual Museum of Bacteria

Presents information on aspects of the group, bacteriology and related topics available. Icludes photos.

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