Tardigrades in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Genome Size Database: Tardigrades

Contains list of member species, in taxonomic order.

Extreme Animals Tardigrades

Describes survival abilities of this species. From the Astrobiology Magazine.

Hunting for “Bears” in the Backyard

Discusses basic characteristics of this species. With video.

Mysterious, Plentiful and Space Faring: Tardigrades

Provides information on characteristics of this animal group. With photos.

Occurrence of Tardigrades in Adair County, Oklahoma

Features information on the discovery of this animal species in the area. From the Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science.

On Water Bears

Provides information on taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology of this species. With abstract and references.

Special Distribution Project: Tardigrade Facts

Provides information on habitation, discovery, biology, adaptation and potentials for research about this animal group. From the Illinois Wesleyan University.

Tardigrade Reference Center

Provides information on educational materials on this animal group. By William R. Miller.


Also called water bears, this guide offers a study of this little known phylum.

Tardigrades Links to www Resources

Contains a guide to online references on the phylum.

Tardigrades : Just a Funny Joke?

Discusses the basic facts of these organisms. With links and videos.

Tardigrades as Environmental Bio-Indicators

Discusses the background, methods and results of a research done on this subject. From the Young Naturalist Awards 2001.

Tardigrades Introduction

Provides basic information on this animal group. With German translation.

Tardigrades Water Bears

Contains brief descriptions of this animal species. With images.

Tardigrades: Nature's Secret: What is The Most Common Species in Southwest Florida?

Provides information on sample species in this area. From www.heraldtribune.com.

Tree of Life Web Project Tardigrada: Water Bears

Features a taxonomic diagram of this animal group. With introduction and references.

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