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Absolute Astronomy: Rhombozoa

Gives a brief overview and definition of this phylum of parasites.

Bumblebee.org Invertebrates Mesozoa

Presents the unique characteristics of members of this phylum. .

ITIS Report: Rhombozoa

Offers taxonomic information on this particular animal group. With links to other resources.

Origin of the Mesozoa Inferred from 18S rRNA Gene Sequences

Describes the results of the analysis done on this group of animals. .

Phylum Mesozoa: Orthonectida and Rhombozoans

Describes the unique features of these animals. With illustrations.

Rhombozoa Genomes

Presents sequences available for this group. .

Systema Naturae 2000/Classification Class Rhombozoa

Provides a system for classifying members of this group of animals. .

Tree of Life Mesozoa

Provides taxonomic grouping and illustrations of reperesentative species. With links to other resources.

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