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Animal Diversity Web Phylum Porifera

Features the unique characteristics of members of this group. With photos and illustrations.

Answers.com Sponge

Offers a variety of information on these animal species. With images and links to other resources.

Biodidac Animalia Porifera

Presents colored image of sponges. .

Biological Science Porifera

Offers a teaching guide for the study of sponges. .

Blue Vase Sponge

Features an image of this specie. With ordering information.

Canada's Marine Invertebrates Porifera

Information on the morphology, metabolism and reproduction of sponges.

Cretaceous Fossils of Delaware Phylum Porifera

Provides images and descriptions of preserved representatives of ancient sponges from this geologic era.

Deep-Sea Pages: Bathyal and Abyssal Cnidaria and Porifera

Offers images of live sponges and sea anemones. By Paul H. Yancey.

Earthlife Phylum Porifera

Information on the anatomy, distinguishing characteristics and environmental impact of sponges. With photos.

Encyclopedia.com: Porifera

Describes this phylum of sponges, including definitions, magazine and newspaper articles, and pictures.

Fauna Iberica Phylum Porifera

Provides a listing of member species found in the Iberian peninsula.

Filo Porifera

Offers photos of live sponges. With scientific names.

Index to Important Sponge Collections

Provides a listing of collected specimens from various institutions. With links. .

Introduction to Porifera

Presents preliminary information on sponges. With photos.

ITIS Report: Porifera

Furnishes taxonomic data for this phylum of sponges, including sources, hierarchy, and off-site resources.

Marbef Data System Porifera

Presents taxonomic data on sponges from the European Register of Marine Species.

Photo.net Underwater at Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

Presents images of live sponges.

Phylogenetic Trees Phylum Porifera Sponges

Presents the distinguishing characteristics of each clade in this group.

Phylum Porifera Sponges Slides

Provides presentation materials for educators.

Porifera – Calcarea: Calcareous Sponges

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island and McMurdo Sound, Antarctica gives photographs and descriptions of species.

Porifera Lecture Outline

Provides an educational resource for the teaching of the subject. With links to images of sponges.

Porifera Skeletons

Discusses the structure that gives sponges their shapes.

Protocista, Eubacteria and Porifera

Presents a comparison of sponges and an extinct phylum. With illustrations.

Shape of Life Phylum Porifera Sponges

Information on the oldest animal grouping. With photos and links to other resources. .

Sponge Reef Project

Presents information on the binational scientific project aimed at preserving these habitats in Canada.


Describes the unique features of this type of animals. With photos.

Sponges, Phylum Porifera

Provides a resource for reef aquarists. With classifications and images.

Tree of Life Web Project Porifera

Presents a guide to the taxonomy of sponges. With photos and links to other resources. .

Wordreference.com Porifera

Provides definition and taxonomy of sponges. With links to other resources.

Zoological Catalogue of Australia Volume 12 Porifera

Profiles the publication by JNA Hooper and F Wiedenmayer. BY CSIRO Publishing.

Zootaxa Porifera

Provides links to abstracts and full articles from past issues. Membership required.

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