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Absolute Astronomy: Phoronid

Details genera, characteristics, habitat, feeding, and links to related topics.

Black Phoronid Worm (Phoronis australis)

Provides a description and image of a member of this phylum.

California's Phabulous Phoronids

Describes the available species in the state. For divers.

Featherless Duster Worms and Lampshells

Discusses body structure and internal anatomy of this animal group. With photos.

Horseshoe Worm Larva

Presents the image of a young actinotroch.

Introduction to the Phoronida

Offers preliminary information on horseshoe worms. With images.

Lophophorate Coelomates

Discusses how Phoronida and Brachiopoda differs from Bryozoa and Entoprocta.

Lophophorates-Protostomes with Non-Trochophore Larvae

Provides a copy of the educational material by T.C. Lacalli of the University of Saskatchewan.

Mitochondrial Genome of Phoronis Architecta-Comparisons Demonstrate that Phoronids are Lophotroc

Provides a copy of an article by Kevin G. Helfenbein and Jeffrey L. Boore. From the Oxford Journals.

Origin of Mesoderm in Phoronids

Offers a synopsis of the article by Freeman G. Martindale of Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington.

Phoronida Introduction

Presents information about morphology, metabolism and reproduction. With images.

Phoronids (Horseshoe Worms)

Provides information on habitation, body structure, digestion and development of this species.

Phylum Phoronida (Phoronids)

Discusses characteristics, reproduction and habitation. With list of sources.

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