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Absolute Astronomy: Nemertea

Short article relates names, number of species, and dictionary definitions.

Animal Diversity Web Phylum Nemertea (Proboscis Worms)

Features a taxonomic diagram of these animal species. With links. Nemertean

Provides a basic information on species belonging to this phylum.

Biolib Nemertea

Provides a taxonomic profile on ribbon worms. Invertebrates Nemertea

Provides information on the taxonomy, physiology and body patterns of ribbon worms.

Checklist Tree Invertebrates Nemertea

Features a taxonomic diagram of this phylum.

Cladistic Analysis of the Europtantic nemerteans (Nemertea : Hoplonemertea)

Offers abstract of study by MS Harlin, et. al. Includes purchase information from CSIRO Publishing.

Comparative Toxicogenomics Database Organisms: Nemertea

Provides basic data about this animal group.

Fauna Europaea Nemertea

Presents information on taxonomy, nomenclature, heirarchy and sample species of ribbon worms.

Introduction to the Nemertini

Provides introductory information on these animal species. With photos.

Natural History Collection Phylum Nemertea

Provides introductory information on this animal group.

Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce Nemertea

Lists sample species. With information on class, order and family.

Systema Naturea 2000/Classification Phylum Nemertea

Features a taxonomic diagram of this group of organisms.

Tree of Life Web Project Nemertea

Presents a taxonomic diagram of the phylum. With photos and references.

VLIZ Flanders Marine Institute Nemertea

Provides taxonomic data on this phylum.

Zootaxa Nemertea

Provides information on publications about this phylum. With subscription information.

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