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Describes physical structures, natural history, production and commercial value. With references.

Animal Diversity Web Class Gastropoda

Describes physical features and classification. With photos of species grouped according to habitats.

Answers. Com Gastropoda

Contains information on physical features, geographical history and taxonomic data. With pictures, links and references. Gastropoda

Describes physical features. With links.

BiokidSnails and Slugs

Contains photos of specimens.

Biology 4 Kids.Com Gastropoda

Contains photos of sample specimen. With brief description and links.

Biology Online. Org Gastropoda

Gives short description on physical features and subclasses. With links. Gastropod

Lists articles about member species. With photos.

California Biodata Class Gastropoda

Contains an overview of subclasses. With photos.

Class Gastropoda (Snails)

Provides introductory information, diagnostic features and indicator value. With references.

Comparative Toxigenomics Gastropoda

Provides taxonomic information and hierarchical data.

Conchology, Inc. Gastropoda

Lists online references and links.

Encyclopedia Gastropoda

Offers information for educational purposes. With list of orders.

Gastropoda Gastropods

Discusses habitations. With data on common and scientific names.

Gastropoda Glossary

Defines terminologies. With photos and links.

Gastropoda Throughout the Ages

Provides information on basic features and classification.

Gault Gastropoda

Contains photos of specimens. Includes measurements and brief introduction.

Insects and Their Allies Gastropoda Snails and Slugs

Contains informations on characteristics, life cycle, feeding and habitat. With pictures and links to related sites.

Introduction to Gastropoda

Contains pictures of species.

Key to Aquatic Gastropods

Contains a guide to identification. With photos.

Land Snails of British Columbia

Contains a checklist of species found in the area. With links.

Med Shells Gastropoda

Contains catalogue of species found in the Meditarranean. Includes information from other parts of the globe.

Mollusca - Class Gastropoda

Contains courseware on this subject.

Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America Gastropods

Contains information on taxa, identification, taxonomic consistency and molluscan life habits databases. With references.

New Species of Triviidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from South Africa, Namibia and the Philippines

Covers abstract, cited material, figures, and table related to this article.

Paleontology Portal: Gastropods

Presents overview, fossil range, and links to images by period.

Robyn's Snail and Clam Page

Contains information on physical features, reproduction, breathing, feeding and behavior. With related references and online sources.

Snails Gastropoda

Provides physical features and classifications. With links.

Stratigraphy Lab Gastropoda

Lists subclasses with representative species.

Systematic Tree of Organisms: Snails Gastropoda

Contains taxonomic classification. With searchable database.

Tree of Life Web Project Gastropoda

Contains a taxonomic tree and photos of sample specie. With scientific names and references.

Word Gastropoda

Presents taxonomic tree. With references.

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