Cephalopoda in the Best of the Web Directory


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Contains pictures. With links to related sites.

Academic Kids.Com Cephalopoda

Contains information on physical features and evolution. With links.

Alibris Cephalopoda

Lists online resources.

Animal Diversity Web Class Cephalopoda (Octopuses and Squids)

Provides information on classification and specimens. With pictures.

Anomalist Quest for The Giant Squid

Contains data on expeditions carried out to study these species.

Attack of the Giant Squid

Contains photos of artworks showing this tragedy. With related links.

Bartleby.com Cephalopod

Contains data on locomotion, movement and physical features.

Biology for Kids Cephalopoda

Contains basic information. With picture and links to related sites.

'Bizarre' Giant Squid Spotted in Deep Seas

Contains data on studies undertaken by scholars and researchers. With links and pictures.

Cephalophoda: The Bouyancy Problem

Discusses this property and how it affects movements.

Cephalopod Page

Provides introductory information. With links to related sites.

Cephalopoda Glossary

Contains alphabetical references with links to related sites.

Cephalopods Class Cephalopoda

Contains information on characteristics and physical features. With links.

Class Cephalopoda Squid

Contains information on physical features. With pictures and links.

Cuttlefish of Sentosa

Contains information of these species in the area. With pictures and links to related sites.

Deep Sea Cephalopods: An Introduction and Overview

Contains information on general morphology, size, metabolism, behavior and reproduction. With pictures, links and references.


Contains data on the ancient ancestors of these species.

Fossil Cephalopoda

Lists links to related sites.

Giant of The Deep

Contains data on appearance, habitat, diet, breeding, enemies and relatives. With pictures and links to related sites.

Giant Squid Sea Monsters

Contains stories and accounts about this animal. With questions and choices of answers.

Giants of the Deep

Contains information on the experiment of the biggest recorded giant squid. With pictures and links to related sites.

God Created Squid

Contains an article on this creature. By John Chambers.

Humboldt Squid

Contains data on physical features, size, feeding, and habitat. With pictures and links to related sites.

MadSci Network Zoology Subject: Does the Giant Squid Exist?

Features an online forum about this topic.

Male Sperm Whale and Giant Squid 3

Shows pictures of an encounter between these two sea creatures.

McGraw. Hill Companies Cephalopoda

Offers online references and links to related sites.

Paleontology of Cephalopods

Contains introduction, morphology, evolution and important members. With references.

Phylum Mollusca Class Cephalopoda

Contains basic information. With pictures and links to related sites.

Poor Majo's Almanac Giant Squid Archives

Offers links to related sites.

Pop Ups Giant Squid

Contains educational resources.

Revision of The Deep Water Octopus Genus Scaeurgas

Contains a summary of this study. With links.

Scientist May Unlock Secrets Of Giant Squid

Contains data discovered about these species.

Sea Monsters That Weren't

Contains a narrative of experiences on giant sea creatures. With pictures and links.

The Search for The Giant Squid

Provides details of 1999 New Zealand Expedition. Includes scientists' profiles, FAQ, squid characteristics and habitat.

Systematics and Zoogeography of the Worldwide Bathypelagic Squid Bathyteuthis

Contains data about this publication. With pricing information, links and online references.

Tales of Giant Squid

Contains data of discoveries. With pictures and links.

Tree of Life Web Project Cephalopoda

Provides overview, characteristics, and taxonomic classification. With images.

Visuals Unlimited Cephalopoda

Contains pictures and links.

World References.com Cephalopoda

Shows taxonomic diagram and links to related sources.

ZPI Cephalopod News Special Reports

Contains headlines about these species. With links to related sites.

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