Bivalvia in the Best of the Web Directory


Animal Diversity Web: Class Bivalvia

Offers an introduction to bivalves, with specimen photographs.

Biolib: Bivalves

Features a bivalves gallery with taxonomic information.

Bivalves: Clams, Oyster, Mussel, Bivalvia

Contains photos with scientific names, definitions and descriptions.


Contains a tutorial introducing the bivalves and rostroconchs, with information on morphology,.

Bivalvia Family Index

Features close up bivalve photographs, using specimens in the Gladys Archerd Shell Collection at Washington State University Tri-Cities Natural History Museum.

Canada's Marine Invertebrates: Bivalvia

Presents an introductory guide to bivalves, including information on morphology, reproduction and metabolism.

Gault Bivalvia

Examines the bivalve fossil record in the Gault clay and Folkestone beds of Kent, England.

Introduction to the Bivalvia

Shows pictures and links.

ITIS Report: Bivalvia

Contains data on taxonomy, nomenclature and taxonomic history and hierarchy. With references and links.

Medical Dictionary Bivalvia

Contains information on classification of species. With links.

Mussells of Illinois Class Bivalvia

Provides information on specimen in the collection of this institution.

Photovalet Bivalvia

Shows images for viewing.

Phylum Mollusca Families Bivalvia

Lists species with scientific and common names. With data on families.

Rader's Biology4Kids Bivalvia

Shows photos with background information.

Solpugid Class Bivalvia

Shows photos with links. .

Super Family Mytiloidea Bivalvia

Contains taxonomic information.

Tree of Life Web Project Bivalvia

Shows images. With references.

UNEP-WCMC Species Database Bivalvia

Features taxonomic information of this group.

Upper Cretaceous Bivalvia of Alabama

Contains a list of bivalve species found in Alabama.

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